Knock of games

Stop making knock off games that are literally empires and puzzles down to the T and focus on making empires and puzzles more amazing than anything before. Tim le wasted on trash could be time taken to do wonderous things on here.

Only game that is made to my knowledge is combat puzzle that has sgg finger prints on it.
Also think they have full control on that and not working with zygen or what ever they called.

I get there others but they have nothing to do with sgg except combat puzzle

Combat Puzzle is a SG game. I played it for a bit and it was too much like E&P (military theme vs fantasy). But there are plenty of knock-offs out there. The rare times I’m on FB I see ad after ad for them. And I just recently played a zombie game that was different enough from E&P that it was interesting for a little while. Stole heavily from E&P but with a few twists that made it fun. Apparently with their latest update they went full-n E&P clone so many who were playing it left. They are out there though.

Oh you guys have no clue about mythic wars then. The whole entire layout is the same just different names.

That’s a copycat, not SG game. They spend 0 time developing it, and almost certainly rather it didn’t exist.

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Yeah they need to weed them out.

Never heard of it

Dunno if that allowed but sure I’ll find out. :thinking::wink:

Yeah they prob want it out, but does come down to interletrical property of said product and who come up with what maybe some one left sgg and started somthing new in a different company but, Has rights to said stuff as ideas was first made by said party not sure.
There got to be a legal reason why these games exist and can still exist.


See what I mean lol that’s straight empires and puzzles.

Yeah is a rip off blanet, but who owns the idea of the match 3 stuff and ideas on it? I’m pretty sure if it Was copyright or other legal stuff it be shut down. Being it hasn’t is another question and don’t think sgg will comment why.

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Exactly how are they to “weed them out” ?

The entire layout is plagerised clearly with the exemption of a different image for hams and iron. But overlap the 2 and it’s all the same.

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They should do something cause that’s whack.

This is not really a game feature request. Additionally, SGG do not “make knock-off” versions of their own game. This is outside their company.

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