Knights Roundtable

Knights Roundtable, I’m looking for members who play each day. I don’t care how many cups you have as long as you play daily.

I started this new alliance looking for daily players. I’m a F2P and looking for more like me who play everyday.

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@Wilson-Gibbs, hi I hope you don’t mind the offer, but would you consider joining the alliance I am ?? Fighting Pirates is the name and we are a new alliance but we fight every day and in AW’s, we are still a small friendly group and would love to have you with us :grinning:

I would love to join your Alliance but I don’t have near the firepower you guys seem to have but it would be an honor.

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I’m still new but how can I join?

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@Wilson-Gibbs, hi , you just have to go to alliances , place Fighting Pirates in the search window and it will come up then click join , I’m cherished btw , hope to see you , I’ll watch for you

@Wilson-Gibbs, no worries about power , we help each other grow , and you see, we are a new alliance , please join us , we would love to have you!!

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