Knights of Tomorrow - Merge or Recruit

Knights if tomorrow has a great core group of people. Need 15 active players who hit titans daily and participate in war or opt out.

I just posted a recruitment for our alliance, but saw your notice and read some of your comments about a merger. I looked on the game, and see that you are still with only 14 or so players. What might be involved? You can message me on LINE and we could talk. LINE ID: Hanselope.

@HarcosBarnatovic our alliance name is Drama Free Reboot. We have 21 people in the main team at the moment but I’m sure we can figure to take all 12 players in. We also have a sister and brother alliance. See our ad and our teams below.

We are very interested to discuss further if you are interested as well.

Our leader Joe’s lineid is wyrminion. Just let me know if you are interested and you can hash out details via line.
Couple of your teammates may hang for a couple of days to see what we are like if you 'd like

I’m on Line message mondo989 if you have any questions

@HarcosBarnatovic just to check if you are still interested. We can accomodate all 12 members on Drama Free Reboot. We can discuss further on line bayken10 is my id or you can come to check out our team for a day or two before making a decision. Just let me know if you are interested.

We are looking to take in people not go to. But ty anyway.

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