Knights of the Round - new heroes

A little internet sleuthing comes up with the graphics for five new heroes for the upcoming Knights of the Round challenge event: (left to right)

  • Merlin (Dark 4*)
  • Morgan le Fey (Nature 5*)
  • Arthur (Ice 5*)
  • Guinevere (Holy 5*)
  • Lancelot (Fire 4*)


Yeah they are on beta as of today.


Cards, please! I’ve got ascension plans to make.

How do you access the beta

It’s a closed beta. Occasionally they open slots; watch these boards.


I don’t fully know what the NDA is TBH but I’m not posting them in a public (or private) space. Sowwy.

Plus I strongly suspect some of them are going to get tweaked before release.

In general when you know a release is coming, I’d suggest just holding off on 5* ascensions if you’re rolling anyway. 4* ascension loot is common enough (except shields, sigh) that it generally isn’t make or break.


I agree, I showed natalya earlier, but these cards could be changed a little or a lot, so not worth sharing this early

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Could you please confirm color and *-rating? Those are unlikely to change.

I wouldn’t be so sure about star level. Currently there is a hero of each color for the next event.

Yeah I don’t see much harm in that and doubt it will change; especially as the art is in star order anyway with the 5*'s featured.

In no particular order:

Yellow 5*
Blue 5*
Green 5*
Purple 4*
Red 4*


Thank you!.You get super sleuth of the year trophy.

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Yeah thank you!! Usually I’m the one asking for sneak peaks lol

@coppersky has posted the beta cards here: All updated hero rosters

My initial thoughts:

  • Lancelot has super-high attack and powerful buff. Another great 4* red.
  • Merlin is confusing. The value of this attack depends a lot on what this secondary special attack is
  • Morgan seems underpowered, compared to other one-shot hitters like Lianna or Sartana.
  • Guinevere is another 5* healer, with Li Xiu’s mana steal and a great Dark shield—both nice features. Only affects nearby, though, so I still prefer Vivica.
  • Arthur looks great, particularly against titans. Tanky, but not as weak on attack as Thorne.

Looking forward to playing against these in 5e challenge event! Note that blue reflect this time.


Well if Copper does it, it must be all right heh.

Speaking as someone on the beta, Merlin is not confusing, he’s amazing on raid attack in his current form. One of the best skills in the game, but I expect him to get tweaked.

Could you please explain how the mindless attack part of Merlin’s special works?

I agree that his card is confusing. His special last for 3 turns and if an opponent gets to full mana, they cast mindless attack on one of their allies in place of their normal special, mindless attack causes that hero to then attack on of their allies. So you cost them all of their mana and you do damage to two heros or more.


I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be flip, I just meant that confusing was the wrong adjective used to describe it.

Tali explained it well.

I posted in beta forums about the card’s description which also has grammatical errors, hopefully spg eill take a 2nd look at the description

I made sure I put a note about tweaking with the card images! :slight_smile:
(and someone’s bound to put them up sooner or later. Might as well have it come with the warning!)


Hmm, pairing Merlin with Cabin Boy Peters could be very effective.

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