+Knights of the Cross+ : A friendly, active, mentoring Alliance has a Waiting List!

We have a warm, welcoming Ohana that has each other’s backs as we fight as a team. You are a great fit if you are a player of any level who wants to use all you have to battle Titans & fight in wars. We are currently fighting 8* and some 9* Titans. We are all growing together, and we share strategies and encourage one another. We have many long-time players who give our team depth. We hope you will visit so you can experience it!!! :bouquet: :crossed_swords:

We just filled our last space. Feel free to contact us to be on our waiting list! We have been offering “vacation” positions, so things are more fluid than usual right now.

P.S. Be sure to include the +‘a or you will end up on a ghost ship!!! +Knights of the Cross+

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How do I nclude +a’ so I don’t get sidetracked on some senseless campaign

Just type +Knights of the Cross+

The ghost ship should only have one member, so you can see the difference :bouquet::crossed_swords::bouquet:

Hey, Knights! I’m interested, Do I need an Invite? Long-time player, I spend when necessary, my best teams are 4300. I play daily and support my Alliance family. I’ve outgrown my current group.

Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for your interest! You sound like a great fit! We just filled our last spot last night. I hope you find another close knit alliance to work with. Anyone would be blessed to have you!

If anyone leaves, I will contact you to see if you are still looking. Again, thank you for your interest!

All the best!

Shining. :bouquet::crossed_swords::bouquet

Sorry I missed your opportunity, but I appreciate your kind words! Thank you!

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Hi Suzanne!

We have one opening! I think a high-power player was vacationing with us, and he just left without saying goodbye. I will set joining to Invite Only & let everyone know to accept you.

Please let me know if you’ve made other plans. We would love to have you!!!

My in-game name is Shining


Hi again!

Just want to make sure your in-game name is Suzanne! Because that’s our secret password right now! :rofl:

Hi, Shining!

I’m ready to join! Alliance is set to Invite Only so I can’t get in.

Thank you for thinking of me!

My In-Game name is Shadow