Knights of Old

Hello there!

Recruitment status = OPEN

Knights of Old - We are a year and half old alliance, always balancing game progression with out-of-game life; we made a good progress on that road and are usually hanging in top 100 of alliance rating (when full).

We are killing 11 and 12 star titans. In alliance wars we are often fighting challenging battles against great teams from top 100 alliances, employing tactics and having fun!

We have an assortment of players from upper middle to very top play level, all fun and friendly and always open to help with advices. We also have a youtube channel with alliance war and some other e&p videos :slight_smile: and out-of-game telegramm chat (not mandatory).

Expectations for new recruits is being generally active (hit sll titans / AWs), be competent enough to do 100k+ on 11/12* dragons and play AWs decently in environment of 4000 power teams. Trophy 2400+.

Join directly in game or feel free to ask questions here, or on telegramm @Evil_Roc

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We are again recruiting! Have three spots at the moment. Join us and lets all get exciting adventures together :slight_smile:

Can consider also a mini-merger: if you have a core of 3-6 highly active competent players meeting our requirements and rest of your alliance is dead / slacking, can discuss taking your core crew on board to aim for becoming top100 alliance together.

This alliance is pretty awesome.

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One spot is still open, do not miss your chance!

One position opened again at Knights of Old.
We are great team that combines steady progression and RL commitments. If you want to beat challenging aspects of the game and survive the process, look us up!

  • we are killing 10* titans, got our first kill of 11* recently;
  • we have awesome alliance war tactic and are winning most, some even against more powerfull top100 teams;
  • we are helpful and friendly.

Currently looking for active player who would be able to hit well on 10-11* titans and has d cent bench to do well on alliance wars. 3600+ team power / 2000+ trophies.

*** UP ***
Join us now and participate in another awesome alliance war!

Another spot opened up!
We are just 1000 score from entering top100. Join us and help up bridge that gap!

2200 trophy / 3700+ team

*** UP ***
Alliance wars soon to resume, join the team and have fun with us!
One spot still open.

*** UP ***
One spot is available. Your chance to join an awesome team :slight_smile:

Bumping post. Join us!

Bumping post<<<<<

We currently have an opening of 2 spots, active and well equiped / competent players are welcome!

We have one open spot.
Top 100 (when full), fun, killing stuff and nice wars :slight_smile: jump on

3900+ power, roster to have at least 3 successful AW hits, 2200+ cups

1 spot open, do not miss the chance to join top 100 team that balances game commitments with life, has over 1 year long history, friendly and enjoying the game!

2400 cups / being able to smash titans for 100k+ required (and being nice and active ofcourse). More info in first post.

To be eligible to join, solve for e :slight_smile:

a = 5 + 2
b = 2 + 2
c = 0
d = 1 + 4

a + b + (c x d) = e

Hint: It’s 11.

Ready to join a Top 100 alliance?

1 spot open now… 3900 team power and 2400 cups!

Recruitment is open… just join in game.

Recruitment open for one great player who wants to have great fun. Do not miss the chance!
Detailed info in header post (updated).

:v: spots currently open. If you’re looking for a solid alliance, look us up.

1️⃣ spot open.
Join us for a drama free alliance! :slight_smile:

One spot opened up. Looking for a nice active player who knows how to dance with titans and likes alliance wars. More details in header post!

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