Knights of Byzantium(KB)

I recently left my alliance to create one of my own, so look me up and see if you’d be interested in joining. The requirements I set forth are more like guidelines, however these three are nonnegotiable.

*Attack the titan

*If you choose to participate in AW, use all 6 flags, but if you choose not to participate, make sure to opt out.

*Finally, let’s have fun and advise one another in a non-abrasive manner.

So, with that out of the way, come on and let’s have fun.

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Sounds like a good start man, best of luck and hope you snag some peeps!

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Fingers crossed. I just want to log on everyday, chat with people from all over and have a good time. I’m competitive but I’m not a monster because I know this is a game.


Yea pretty much how i am

If you know of anyone looking for an alliance, send them to mine. I’m the only member so far, so I can’t participate in Alliance Wars yet, but I’m optimistic I’ll find someone soon. Remember, Knights of Byzantium.

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Once i fill mine, u can bet I’ll send some ur way. We only need a couple more to be full. If u decide to join an already established full participation alliance, let me know.

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What is your alliance called. I’ll join.


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