Knights of Avalon Zero Score

Started Legendary Level 15 with about 2 minutes left in the tourney. It took about 15 minutes to complete. The Victory screen reported 0 total points (no continue penalty).
Thinking I could’ve moved up a reward tier with my score, what gives?
Pics attached showing victory, completion award, and final results award.

Don’t cry, it’s only a game. :wink:

Be happy for getting the tier completion rewards.

Maybe a bug, maybe an issue, maybe as inteded, but at least that battle counted towards completion. There were times when those battles which ended after the event ended were worth nothing. That got fixed to our advantage, since there were several complaints.

Now those battles only don’t count towards the rankings, which is fair, since you scored after the deadline.

Imagine players need hours after the deadline and all those would count, all others had to wait for the final standings just cause a few couldn’t make it in time.


Two month ago you wouldn’t even gotten the finishing rewards ( what would have make sense in my opinion as the event has not been finished in time, but another story).

However, when the timer runs out, the results are getting calculated. If your score has not been registered when the event ends, its not on the list. So far, everything is working as it should.


No tears here bud… If I start a war attack and time expired on the war it counts, so why not here?
There’s no way a single level would take hours either, so let’s discuss reality scenarios.

It is reality:

Btw: War hits are limited to 10 minutes and there are a maximum of 60 players involved, not millions.


It was the happy medium devs came to

If someone is on a stage when time runs out, they’ll get credit for completion but no credit for their score

If they didn’t then they would have to put thousands of other people on hold for their results & rewards just to wait on a few to finish

Also doubt it would be easily programmable for the system to put itself on hold so would probly require human monitoring and input of some sort which would put devs on the weekend shift every month just cause a few players decided to start a stage at the very last minute

I’m glad the completion gets counted as i do feel at the very least it should be

But i am understanding as to why/how tryin to give credit for the overtime scores is problematic

Just try to get your scores in earlier next time is all i can advise


As @Olmor said, in war, the attack is limited to 10 minutes and only 60 players affected.

But in challenge event, the battle can rage on for hours and it involves more than 1.5 millions players. There will be outrage if the result got delayed for hours because some players is currently in battle and have to wait for their result.

In the end, score and ranking is determined exactly at the deadline. However as completion do not depend on score and ranking, it can still count toward completion so you still get completion reward.

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