Knights of avalon rantttt


The rant is good, at least it’s an avenue to let off some steams.
But frankly, mats in this game follows the same randomness like everything else, so the best way is to be strategic, possibly to get all mats ahead of getting the hero, at least I have seen many adopting this method, and leveling their 5* from 1:1 to full max, just like also keeping bank of recruits in advance for the right hero. I did try that and it works, for instance was sitting on 10 Tabards and 16 trap tools before gotten Kunchen, and I maxed him straight.
So apart from rare quests almost nothing is guaranteed in this game, everything is random. Including the heroes from TCs.


The daily rant…

People like you should understand that too much AM and high 5* drop rate would be a disaster for this game. Everybody, after 3 months of play, would be at 4100 and the progression would be almost over. And, more importantly, 4100 would be normal and average. Everybody would be in Diamond. And you’d probably rant about it…

Stop spending if you feel robbed. You won’t feel robbed if you’re not spending any money. You’ll enjoy the slow paced progression of this game.

Or play something else.


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I am more or less f2p, I’ve spent less than $15 in over a year. I don’t chase the HOTM’s because I never have the resources to do so.

I am chronically short of AM as well. I have managed to accumulate 25 5*, mostly through TC20. Four are maxed. One will soon be. The rest, half are stuck at 3/70 and half are at 1/1. I also have a pile of 4* at 3/60 because, you know, no AM.

I do understand the frustration but, if the drop rates were higher people would max out in a few months and get bored and quit anyway.


You say this right. I have had under 25 4* a.m I fast forward all my chests all day everyday. I never miss mystic vision. Most of my 4* a.m is paid for. I never miss a titan flag. I wake through the night to play energy, i am die hard on this game. But at the same time if I didnt get bad luck, I wouldnt have any luck at all. You have had a much better run than me, I have been playing 8 months solidly. You wouldnt sound so smug if you had my run. Trust :wink:


I’m on the fence about this.
It’s frustrating to get screwed after spending money. However, if it were more lax, rare heroes wouldn’t be rare or valuable anymore. Almost like this is a necessary evil.


Just a update to this fabulous game. Over 70 pulls on alantis. Zero 5* and flasked a titan 4 times to take down our first ever 12* to get A+ loot for a orb. This game sucks. It really really tests your patience. People in my alliance doing single pulls getting all the new 5* but this game continues to have me off. I hateeeeee you. Any gem deals due? Hahahaha