Knights of avalon rantttt


Dear SGG. I would just like to thankyou for making it impossible for people like myself to level up. I have to Finnish in the top ten in the world to get any 4* a.m. how am I supposed to ever finnish that high if i cant ascend 5heros. Like would it of put you that much out of pocket for putting even a telescope in the prizes for completion??? I have also just done 30 pulls, really made up to have pulled 26 3 heros and I am ecstatic getting graymane 8 times. Peoples houses are getting broken into daily and getting robbed less. Said it for ages 4* a.m is getting more rare by the day. You should be ashamed of yourselfs. Once a month these events are. At least give us mid range players a chance of becoming better. I have spent a fortune on this game already and literally on the verge of calling it a day. I want to go forward not have to have 4 colens maxed when I have had marjana sitting at 3/70 for ages. Rant over. Good luck on the event everyone and well done if you get in the top ten for you double tonics hahaha.


If this event rant was during Fables I would have said ‘cool story Hansel’.


Every 2nd Thursday and 4th Thursday, this forum is full of frustration… we should have Rant category…


Yes and no, yelnats. But we have to realize a few things.

First of all, SG have done nothing to make anything easier for us, which means -->
Chances to summon 5* heroes are ridiculously low.
The loot has been drastically nerfed.
The loot from elemental chests and rare Titans doesn’t even deserve the title Rare. SG have no idea what the word Rare means.
There is a constant lack of ascension items. It may take months to get enough things to max your hero.
Boards in battles suck, especially in War.
In addition to the horrible boards, opponents have an advantage in Raids, Wars and Tournaments = higher attack power.
Buffs in War are exaggerated = +20% is too much.
SG don’t communicate. This is a typical behaviour for people who don’t care.

We pay them a lot of money believing the game will be fun one day, but it’s just another P2W game.

To me, if they add Rant Cathegory, they will NOT bother reading it.


Couldn’t a agree more. Rare should be change to ‘impossible’


I’ve been reading these rants in the forums since I joined six months ago. If you don’t enjoy playing the game F2P, spending money will only make you MORE aggravated. This is not a game to play for instant gratification. It is a game to play for the long haul.


Let of some steam and enjoy paying.

It is like it is, the more you spend, the more you rent.

Go f2p, open your tc20 and grind or go p2p and shut up. No one forces you to nothing…


Played everyday for 8 months with out missing a war flag or titan. Spent over £1000. Stupid probally. Dont you think I deserve at least one 4* a.m for each colour? I got more 4* a.m when I was fighting 5* titans 6 months ago finishing in bottom 5. They have nerfed it badly.

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@Xtremeste, it’s RNG. You have good runs, bad runs and Ehhh runs of luck. I tend to have longer runs of bad luck than many, but I expect that. If the game is no longer fun, and a great source of stress for you, it may make sense to walk away.
Even if you just take a break, it may help. There are many, including me, whom have spent way too much money and pulled very little. This was my choice, knowing the low odds. I have also gotten lucky on single pulls on occasion.
Maybe try TC20 and stop spending for a bit. This game is not a race, it’s a very long marathon. We of course want the strongest team possible but sometimes we have to deal with the heroes we are dealt. I’m now concentrating on my solid 4*’s, getting them leveled and emblemed, instead of chasing those extremely elusive 5*.


I agree with a lot of what you wrote, Papa, but if a company like this earns so much money, I expect there to be a bunch of professional people enthusiastic about making various huge improvements. I would focus on making the game much more fun. I hate greedy people. They made a game, which looks great visually compared to other similar games, but the reward system and the probability of getting anything decent is just awful.

It’s all about people and how much greedy and creative they can be…


This post was more aimed at 3*, a m being given for completing event on legendary. I know my odds for pulls and except it now. My issue is after pulling the very odd 5* after spending mega money, I cant rank them up cause 4* a.m is almost at zero. Its ridiculous. Least give sina chance with 4* a.m on events

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@Xtremeste. I feel you. I’m too at a road block. Sadly I need gloves and feeling frustrated. If you want change, posts like this are important. So are ideas which can be voted on. We can only hope SG come to their senses.

@Jura good post. Summed it up nicely

@everyone else, frustrated at these types of post. What are you accomplishing by responding negatively to this or other frustrated posts? Just think about what theses individuals are really after. A way to get something off thier chests so it doesnt fester and cause players to quit. That’s not what SG wants. That’s not what the posters want. That’s not what compassionate people want. Please think about it before posting. A pat on the back and a smile goes a long way.


This are the odds.


But should be…
Incredible if you dont get one of this- >71%
Only use them as food-> 20. 8%
Sorry, there was a mistake-> 1.5%

Slight smile in your face-> 5.7%
That’s like a miracle-> 1.0%

Bonis draw
You’ll get the one you dont want-> 1.3%

With this changes all would be properly :wink:


I’m not frustrated by these kinds of posts. I have a handful of heroes who are standing at ascension 3 awaiting one more stupid blade or shield or whatever. It’s a common frustration that affects all of us, with the exception of those top tier players who can afford to buy everything they need (or have been playing since day 1 and have top tier teams that kill 12* titans and get rare loot like it’s going out of style).

I do sympathize, and empathize with all of these complaints about bad loot, bad pulls, and bad RNG. Because I experience it every goddam day I play this stupid effing game :rofl:

But you know what? It is what it is. We all (or most of us, anyway) know the way it works. Only a small percentage of people get the good stuff, the rest of us get screwed. Yes, we can come here and complain about it, it is one of my favorite pastimes. But at the end of the day, those who post these threads like, “how come all my stuff sucks and everyone else’s stuff is great?” I just want to tell them, “hey buddy! You’re not alone! My stuff sucks too!” That’s life. Some people get lucky, many people get screwed. Might as well get used to it.

I’m not trying to be mean. Just trying to provide a reality check for those who “expect” to get XYZ. If you’re playing this game with the expectation that you’re guaranteed to get something after X amount of time, you might as well forget it.

“Guaranteed” loot in this game:
You can train “guaranteed” 3* heroes in your training camps
You can train “guaranteed” fodder heroes to level them up
You can get “guaranteed” 1* and 2* troops from provinces and common summon tokens
You can get “guaranteed” basic ascension materials by doing enough provinces
You can get “guaranteed” common summon tokens if you do wanted quests, etc.
You can get “guaranteed” rare ascension materials from certain quests

You are NOT “guaranteed” to get 4* or 5* heroes, ever, no matter how much money you spend
You are NOT “guaranteed” to get rare ascension materials from provinces or random chests
You are NOT “guaranteed” to get anything better than a 3* troop from an epic troop token
You are NOT “guaranteed” to get anything better than a 3* hero from an epic hero token

If you are VERY LUCKY, you will get 4* troops and 5* heroes and the mats to ascend them
If you are SOMEWHAT LUCKY, you will get 3* troops and 4* heroes and the mats to ascend them
If you are NOT AT ALL LUCKY, you might get a couple of 3* troops and a boatload of 3* heroes

That is just the reality. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just being honest.


@Jura, I share your sentiment on greed. I do think the odds should be tweaked a tad, or maybe just remove the standard 3*’s from the summoning pool. I know how disheartening it is to do several 30 pulls and end up with heroes you’ve already had…again and again.


@Xtremeste, I’m at a standstill waiting on AM for several 4*’s now as well. If AM were just a tiny bit more accessible I wouldn’t complain in the least. I’ve decided to stop summoning until I have the 4* AM that I need. Once I finish them off I’ll decide if it’s worth spending again.

P.S I’ll spend again, heck I still need at least Proteus to show up!!


4 star mats are supposed to be rare. Still if you finish every rare quest, you should be able to get a fully ascended rainbow team in about a year…faster if you purchase mats or get even reasonable luck - but still not a lot faster. The game is designed that way on purpose. Otherwise everyone would be walking around with an army of maxed out 5 stars.

People who say loot is nerfed haven’t been tracking things carefully. I’ve been playing over a year, and loot hasn’t been nerfed aside from the raid tourney, which is 1) a whole new way to get AM’s and 2) will be unnerfed eventually. In fact there have been many new ways added to get AM since I started playing.

For reference on ways to get AM’s and a reasonable straw man on what a F2P might expect: List of of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing

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Events are not the main source of ascension materials in this game. So your rant seems a bit misplaced.

4* mats can come from Mystic Vision, Monster Chests, Raid Chests, Elemental Chests, Titans, Rare Quests (guaranteed), Raid Tournament, the Atlantis bonus Ascension Material Chest and Challenge Events. By far the hardest way to get them is the events so you shouldn’t even be factoring in that way to get them.

If you’re having a problem getting 4* mats make sure you are always clicking Mystic Vision, always filling your monster chest ASAP, always filling your raid chest ASAP, finishing every rare quest, competing in every raid tournament, etc.

I’ve only been playing since Christmas and I’ve gotten 41 4* ascension materials in that time although I did buy probably a 1/4 of them through special offers.

If you are a platinum or higher raider who wins 75%+ of raids and can afford a couple hundred gems a month I suggest fast forwarding your raid chest twice a day around the 6 hour mark left (10 gems). This will get you more elemental chests. Some people I know average 1 a month, Mine are closer to 1 a week. You have more chances to get 4* ascension mats the more elemental chests you open.


Mystic Vision? Not a guarantee source of Mats, howbeit, the only guaranteed source in this game is rare quests which come regularly at predefined intervals for various Mats types.


The only decent rewards in this game lately come from Elemental Chests.
I got Mystic Rings, and Telescope from one early this week.
An Alliance mate got Cape and Orb. Only problem is I need the cape and Orb and he needs the Rings!

My Alt did an Elemental chest this week also and got 2 ORBs. The orbs I need on my main acct.

I finished Atlantis on Normal and that reward was great!

My TC20 has given me Magni, Elkanen, Joon, Marjana, Leonidas, it takes time and patience for that.
Most of my Mats come from the quests, Shrikewood, etc. Gauranteed Mats on a regular rotation. It just takes time.

I have fully Ascended, my first Joon ( my first 5* after months of complaining to my alliance :slight_smile:
Evelin ( my first HOTM), Mitsuko, All ascended but only Joon is maxed. Again PATIENCE and constantly running TC’s.

I have not pulled on Avalon yet. I already have 2 Lancelots and my beloved Merlin. Alliance pulls of this Avalon have not been great so far, lots of 3*.
Our leader got Guin so he is happy, another one of our top players got Margaret .
I don’t complain so much anymore, levelling 5*s takes a long time, and I have a bunch of them now, including Atlantis surprise pull Alberich, I was fishing for Tarlak. Alby will do

Patience is the name of the game. I consider myself CTP. Not FTP