Knights of Avalon new hero assessment

Guys what do we think of the new Knights of Avalon heroes? Please post assessment and opinions here.


Guinevere is OP. King Arthur is boring (another blue guy with big sword). The others are good.

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Decent heros (5 stars), but i prefer

Blue: Athena
Green: Lianna
Yellow: Musashi, Joon
Purple: Sartana
Red: Marjana, Ares, Elena

Wont be using any gems on this summon i think.

Arthur: Amazing
Guin: Going to get nerfed
Lancelot: interesting
Merlin: One of the best skills in the game
Morgan: looking for her niche

I only got Lancelot for far too many gems, on the alt I roll a 1x10 and pulls 3/5 including Arthur. FML.

Oh well, will be re-evaluating my spending in game: I know it’s luck, and I know sometimes that goes horrendously badly but it’s just not worth it.

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Not sure how this one works. Does the debuff stay until mana is full and then it auto-hits ally 3 turns or the target has to get mana full in 3 turns and it hits only once? What about titan? Does it idle for 3 turns?

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The debuff stays for 3 turns. During those 3 turns the enemy has the ‘Mindless attack’ status effect. It can be cured. When a hero has ‘Mindless attack’ and his mana is full it attacks a random ally (even himself) with 120% (or 140%, or something, tap and hold on an affected hero to see the exact figure) of the normal attack and loses all his mana. The normal attack looks like the normal attack you see in raid defense (not the special skill attack).

Depending how many times the mana becomes full during the 3 turns, a hero with the ‘Mindless attack’ status effect can attack his allies 0, 1, 2, and theoretically even 3 times.

So I guess it’s a bit odd that the hero under ‘Mindless attack’ uses 100% of its mana and does a normal attack (with a bit more damage).

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I see, so timing is important, that makes this skill hit or miss. I wish it was Fast skill.

Yeah, and she should change the board and throw me cookies.

C’mon, it’s already OP, it used to be fast in beta and it was simply the best hero even among 5*.

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As Elpis said - in beta it was fast and it was brutal. You can’t discount how powerful 100% mana reduction is if it gets triggered - think about how much this would suck on a raid and how cool it would be on a high level titan. It’s a rare feature anyways (mana reduction), but 100% some say is crazy!

Gwen is really tough overall, if you don’t bring double purple and a dispeller you can spend 20 minutes trying to take her out (I excluded time stops as this only applied on advanced).


Arthur and Guin remain OP in my opinion.

The lack of actual changes in beta (lowering some stats but not changing anything that makes them OP) and the trend of only releasing ‘must-have’ heroes for titans as untrainable ‘limited time only’ are steps towards more P2W that I’m not happy about.


100% agree loorts… this is a HUGE step towards pay to win. These are going to be broken in raids, and if alliance wars is raid based, what does that mean for the game?

For forum point: my assessment is:

Arthur: Really strong, but doesn’t match Athena

Guin: Broken, absolutely broken. Honestly unreal how this powerful of a hero got added into a straight up pay to win aspect of the game. This will also get nerf’d in the future, it literally has to.

Lancelot: Attack+ and Mana Regen… basically a P2W Boldtusk

Merlin: Meh. Built the way stuff should be; Dispellable.

Morgan: The big one in my eyes. I’m getting very tired of these can’t be dispelled things. She is a nightmare and I hope they add ways to remove these “can not be dispelled” things.

I kind of harp on pay to win quite a bit, but this is literally making me want to quit. I’m sure they don’t care to lose somebody who’s only spend $200ish, but at the same time this can’t be healthy for the community to continually add these extremely powerful heroes with literally no counter for non pay scenarios.


To fight them and to play with them is really different. Some of these folks I I don’t find that useful in the real game environment based on using them in beta on titans, raids, normal levels, etc.

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i did 2 10xpulls and ended with 2 lancelot and 2 merlin, so i assume they aren’t going to be that great. still gonna train them up though, we’ll see how they do.

…and alas, this game continues to deny me a 5*… curses.

Don’t underestimate Merlin’s 100% mana reduction possibility on a titan

I did a ten pull and got Lancelot and Merlin. I think Merlin is intriguing. Would like to play with Gwin and morgan just to see how that works in a team placement sense but am not champing at the bit to get them. I may change my mind when every second raid team becomes impossible to beat!

I did 3x10 event summons and got 4 Merlins :upside_down_face:
I’m very happy to get him,but 4 is silly :crazy_face:
I didn’t get any 5* by the way, but more than 30% 4*, just for the record :face_with_monocle:

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hope they add ways to remove these “can not be dispelled” things.

Id say be careful what you wish for. I predict that those Will be the exact new tier of untrainable p2w heroes they’ll release :wink:


When there will be more undispellable effects than the normal ones heroes like Rigard will be horrible. Like if we got easy access to defensive dispel on raids.

Seems that recently 5* heroes specials are escaling quickly.

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Would you risk it and leave antidotes at home?

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