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Good morning everyone! :blush:. I’m not sure if anyone has posted about this. I’ve checked different feeds but don’t see specific info on the KOA being a very difficult challenge. I can’t help but wonder HOW many lower level players will just give up because KOA has bosses that are near impossible to beat without either already having that boss, going through EVERY item you brought to the event (ie: healing potion, etc). I’ve been able to complete these events in the past but this one is ridiculously hard & IMO, not fair to lower level players! I consider my strongest team fairly strong at over 4000+ & I cannot get past Morgan LeFay. She’s taken out my entire team. I’ve gone as far as spending gems to continue fighting plus I’ve redone levels numerous times & im sorry but this event is not worth much to most players in my alliance & im sure others as well. What was SG thinking with this one??? Enough said, good luck to all! Happy gaming :blush:


It is definitely more difficult.

But it needs to be because of emblems - many people have heroes who are much stronger than last time.

It’s redressing the balance to where it was pre-emblems.

It’s a difficult equation - players who have completed Avalon several times will find it stale and easy, while, as you say, newer players may struggle with the new higher difficulty.


The highest level team that I brought included one 5* hero, the rest were all emblemed 4*. I brought Boldtusk, Wilbur, Aeron, Proteus, and Wu Kong. Team Power: 3790.

It was a very approachable fight for me, in fact. Much easier than previous iterations. Likely this is because of Proteus and Wilbur in particular… but either way, that was my experience. :slight_smile:


Extremely difficult, stuck on the final level of each used almost all my supply’s before giving up. and also spent a ridiculous amount of money on trying to get heros did not pull a single 5* extremely unsatisfied with the game at this moment.


It definitely more difficult than previous events. I see three contributing factors, one of which could easily change to lower the difficulty level for all players. First, the Avalon heroes synergies extremely well. The have a huge amount of mana control from Bauchan, Merlin, Guin, and LotL and healing from Guin, Morgan, Black Knight(ish), and LotL which slow down every hit. Second, Avalon has the most varied minion and boss colors, making it heard to stack effectively on a number of stages. Third, the HP values for levels 11-15 are higher than we’ve ever seen before. It appears that SG just continued the HP scaling per level, rather than readjusting the scale so that level 15 would be the same as level 10 under the previous system. They could easily make the event easier by readjusting HP values or adjust defense values in order to not make carpet bombing fpmore powerful.


The way I see this, while I understand what you’re saying, it could potentially scare off newer players. I’ve been playing, I think, about 2 years now & while my team power is over 4K, I’m even struggling & refuse to spend anymore time or $$ on that quest as I’ve redone it far to many times already & have a ton of farming to do now as it ate up everything I had


Well it’s good that you found it approachable, however, I did try Wilbur, I even thought using a counterattacker like Sumitomo as well as 2 healers, Kunchen & although blue reflects, I did try Kiril. Nothing I tried made it any easier & all those mentioned except Wilbur who has about 5 levels to be done, all had emblems.

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@Boomstick818 I totally understand your frustrations :pensive:

I am a relatively new player, I have no 4* or 5* heroes that have as yet got anywhere near fully levelled never mind adding emblems to them, and yet I have successfully completed the first two sections and I am presently at level 9 of the legendary section. This is probably as far as I will get at this time, as you say it is challenging. But that is the beauty of this game, and especially this level, outright power is not a solution. I have taken note of some of our well respected elder players and by carefully selecting my team l have achieved what l believe to be a very respectable score. My highest team value is 3058 quite often less than 3000 and yet I have still progressed well through the challenge. I think the SG team have done a perfect job of keeping the challenge an ongoing growing thing. A new player would not expect to succeed in completing everything straight away, you have to grow yourself as you progress through the game.


@The_Wanderer well I tip my hat to you, congratulations on how far you’ve succeeded. I do read the forum, I watch videos, etc to try other strategic moves & im stuck on the last level. Maybe in part due to strategy, perhaps in part to the hero’s I currently have. Either way, while idk how “new” you are, you’ve done a remarkable job!! :blush:
As for SG, I do understand what you’re saying but at the same time, you’re likely part of 10% of new players that feel that way.
All past quests of this nature I sailed through comfortably, not this one for whatever reason :woman_shrugging:t2:
Happy gaming :blush:

Legendary can be beat with a 4* team, I watched someone do it last night. I beat Legendary with mono red, and didn’t use any consumables. It’s seemed easier to me than before, aside from Black Knight levels. I think the biggest problem is people don’t get good strategy passed along to them in how to beat it.

But, again, this is personal opinion. I can only speak for how it comes off to me.

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Thanks @Aphrodite1, I have only been playing for about 3 and a half months, and although I do have the VIP extra builder etc. I rarely can spend anything else on the game. The occasional special offers at £1.99 is as far as I go.
I didn’t mean to sound as if I was picking fault with anyone, more that as a new player I don’t have great expectations with any of the challenges or battles, Titan’s, raids etc. Sometimes the gameboard is generous to me more often it’s disastrous, but I enjoy trying and each week or so I can see small improvements in my scores. I find the tactical help of others invaluable, and keep going back over this to enable me to try and get my team set up to its best ability. Most of the time I haven’t a clue and getting the heroes everyone talks about is still mostly a distant dream although I do have Sonya, and Skittleskull and with the epic token and challenge token I won completing the rare and epic sections I now also have Little John and Sir Lancelot.


@The_Wanderer sounds like you’re moving in the right direction :blush: Everything takes time & although I love the VIP dragon, it helps, but this game, IMO, takes a lot of patience as it’s a slow process. If you’re not yet in an alliance I’d love to have you join us. The alliance name is “Dark Shadows II”. If you’re already in one where you’re happy, I’m glad you found a home :blush:

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You’re doing something wrong.
I passed Leg-15 with the fifth attempt. 3530, Willbur, WuKong, Rigard, Caedmon (all +4), Scarlett (+6), mostly 3* troops, items 13th lvl and lower.

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The difficulty is definitely tuned up from previous Avalon iterations. I know I started feeling the increase in difficulty on stages 10 to 15. 15 on rare was a lot easier than 15 epic. 15 rare I went in with Brienne +19, Azar, Namahage +8, Mnesseus +19, and Gill-Ra +19.

Epic, I died about a total of four times before beating it. The only healers I even had on my main was Belith and Hawkmoon. Went in with Belith +4, Gill-Ra +19, Proteus +4, Cyprian, and Chao +1. My one two combo of Chao and Proteus was key. Along with mana pot spamming Proteus to lock down the bosses. Mana control on the boss waves is the main key to victory. Unless you can carpet bomb or have a hero like Wu Kong, Ranvir, Tarlak, or Miki (very risky because of blue barrier) to increase damage. Surprisingly I had Guin die first even though I had poured a good amount of damage into LoTL. I did build up a good stack of dark tiles on the right side of the board and I was triple stacking dark. Funny part is I wasn’t paying attention to that build up on the right as I was too focused on defeating LoTL first.

In conclusion, I do believe that new players will struggle with this revamped Avalon difficulty but it is more frequent than say the Halloween or x-mas event. But not as frequent as say Atlantis Rises. I do enjoy this new difficulty in all honesty.


For me it was not harder than previous Challenge events. Emphasis on for me, because I leveled some heroes since the last one, including Gregorion and Guardian Jackal, who made Legendary one much easier. I also come from ‘abuse Proteus to no end’ school, which makes everything easy (except pirates, that is).

Objectively, it is harder for two reasons:

  1. Multiple fights where 3 bosses are present. Previous CE had a single such fight for each tier, where you could resort to luck or items. Here it is much harder to pull because of those multiple fights. You may not have enough items to get through all of them and you just can’t expect to get lucky on all of them without multiple energy-costly retries.

  2. New heroes are annoying to no end if they fire their special. They all charge quite fast as bosses and their specials are super annoying. Lady of the Lake - heals, adds minions (extra HP) and those make activation of your specials much harder. Black Knight is also extremely annoying wit his ‘Tis but a Scratch’, reducing specials to nothing and even dispel targets only him when his Taunt is active. Combine this with previous heroes (especially Lance + Black Knighty seem to be annoying to no end) and you’re set for trouble.

What helps is to have some mana controlers, such as Hansel/Proteus, but those are not exactly easy to come by. Beginners will probably have hard time. On the other hand, that was also true for original CE - I remember I could not get past Rare month after I started to play.


As a new player Im enjoying so much this challenge. I couldnt enjoy the red hood properly and missed the previous one.
Through difficult we become stronger.

Offtopic: Against BK it could be good to trigger his special to reset the attack buff.


@Peazomanco Yup. That is what I do once I saw he had Berserker’s Fury.

I haven’t been playing very long so my roster is quite thin—I simply do not have the right specials/synergies (stuck on epic 14). I can’t do the final ascension of any of my 4* due to the mat wall (except Little John but I am not sure I should). Eked out 10 coins and got yet another Colen :confused:

Looking forward to the next challenge event!

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I won’t be so mean as to say “you’re doing something wrong” but maybe you’ve just gotten the worst luck. The first time I tackled Legendary 15, I thought I was doing great with some awesome, hard-hitting cascades until I realized that between Gwen and Morgan my enemies were netting positive health at the end of each turn.
On my second run, I brought Time Stops (I know, it’s a high level) to allow me full control over boss mana, and then as insurance, full-mana potions, and a dispeller just in case one of the two managed to get their special off before I could mute their mana again. I was able to beat it with a 4* (emblemed to 6-8) team (don’t remember exactly who, but it included Wilbur and Wu Kong, and probably Boldtusk so I could do punishingly large damage to the bosses via tiles). I didn’t try to chase the time, but made sure that all my heros had full mana before progressing from 2nd to 3rd stage. Then, slowly, carefully, I chipped away until I managed to cave Gwen,

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