Knights of Avalon - Last intermidiate level

How do i go about these guys ?? I’ve tried them loads of times but nothing worked so far.

Fast suggestions ?’

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No idea, I’m having the same issue as you. Have tried taking all sorts of different boosts for different attack strategies. From a high defence team which dispel with extra banners and mana boost. To more attack boosts and concentrating on 1 enemy at a time with extra revive scroll. Have officially given up… Must just be missing one twist???

Good luck

  • If you can, switch Sonya and Hu tao with some other heroes
  • You have Boldtusk, no need for dragon banner
  • Green potions too are no need, as Boss skills are not dispellable or just may cured by Boldtusk
  • If it is advanced, take with you major items (full mana recovery, dragon attacks, time stops)
  • If it is intermediate, half mana potions and small mana potions, arrows and bombs
  • charge all your special and clean the board or create some explosive gems before enter the stage as Elilea suggested
  • Target one hero at time. If you have double fire take down Morgan first, if purple Gwinevre for example

Dont use a blue hero, I used two purple heroes, two fire heroes and a green hero to pass the final stage on intermediate. :slight_smile: Bombs, mana potions, arrows And some healing can be really useful.


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