👑 Knights of Avalon: Lady of the Lake – Thoughts & Discussion

Alright! Evelyn then. :joy:

May we meet again dear Kage… hahaha…

But based on my past experience from last Atlantis, even with more than 100x Atlantis Pulls I only have Ursena to show lol.

Despite all this planning I might not even get both Evelyn and Kage anyway lol… but yeah I will do pulls this month. Hopefully will turn for the better.

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Good luck to you! I am also going to be pulling for Evelyn.

I hope you get Evelyn and Kage on the same 10 pull :slight_smile:


She’s almost maxed now.

Vanillas - harder than expected.

No regrets that I gave her the tonics before Kingston. Hopefully she will help to beat Mother North on the xMas event.

Another Lo(t)L clip…


Thanks! I would already consider myself incredibly lucky to get both Kage and Evelyn within 100x of this Atlantis Pulls.

Getting both in the same 10x would be heaven shattering lol. :joy: But thanks for the wishes.

I also hope you manage to get Evelyn as well. Good luck!

Good to know that you are very satisfied with LotL.

If I didn’t manage to get Evelyn this month, my tonics will go to LotL.

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There is nothing to hope, it’s a sure thing. If I were you, I would activated her, switch on AI and go drink a coffee or something :joy:


Time to buff her minions.
Crazy :boom:

Lady of the Raid :wink:

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@Olmor In the video it looks like when you cast LotL then MN that LotL minions were taking slash attack damage first. I think if you want to protect the sword minions you counterintuitively need to cast LotL after MN.

Edit: And if I’m not mistaken, this will also allow subsequent casts by LotL to replace damaged MN minions with sword minions, instead of displacing your own sword minions with other sword minions, which seems ideal.


LotL is awesome.
Ursena just casted once, when I beat her on autoplay.


I have both eve and kage with dupes. Eve dupe is 3/70 and useful for my 2nd green team.

Doubt I’ll lvl second kage anytime soon. Both are top heroes, eve will boost up your roster much more than kage.

She will strengthen all your green heroes and improve your titan and war hits.

Another way to say this is I think panther is the rarest hero whom everyone would like, and eve is her near nature twin


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