Knights of Avalon. Lady of the lake skill works incorrect

Here is description of skill, point # 3. Mana should be decreased when target hit the Minon (description was double checked in Russian language). In fact mana decreased when minion hit the target! Was tested (and double checked) on the event on legendary level on 7 stage. Please, fix this ASAP, because 3 bots with 3 swords each leaves no chance to gain any mana.

To me and my knowledge of English everything is correct. When minion hits You, you lose 10% mana.

It is said that the minion removes 10% mana from the target when it hits it. So you cannot be a target when you hit a target. So when you attack it with your hero he is not a target. You are a target when minion attacks you.

Sorry, but description was double checked in Russian language and it says that target should hit the minoin to lose the mana.
Anyway don`t you think that minion which make a hit every turn and decrease target mana is not imbalanced? I have situation when 3 bots have 3 swords each, and after EACH turn I have lose 90% of mana.

Just bad wording in another language. @Petri might as well add this one to the stack

Yeah had that level same but it doesn’t feel overpowered because of weak hits. So I just healed all the time with gandalf. Was annoying but not OP.

Guys, you gotta be kidding me…
Same “wrong” description in German? You want to say that skill works correctly and there is no OP? And such situation as on a video below is ok? Loose so much mana each turn is not OP?

Please go to language issues section in foreign languages bec. Its not a bug, its a translatiin issue

If you call this op then family pack bonuses are op as well and all other buffers are op…

Every kind of op has draw backs such as destroying minions or debuffing special attacks that other has… You may consider this as op but in other hand it is your team that is under developed yet to take this challenge on.

And there is a lot of various items that can solve your struggle. Even event tips highly recommends to use battle items.

No hard feelings just my opinion.

Sounds like we’re all about to start leveling those Gobblers and CoDs :grin:

How would you destroy minions without mana? How will you use items in raids or Clan ward?
My team is not a point of the question( i have completed legendsry level if you interested) but point is that any team can do nothing without mana. An this skill decrease inadequate amount of mana EACH turn.
Guinevere decrease 20% of mana with speed Avarage.
Li Xiu - 20 % with speed Avarage
Chao - 25% with speed Fast.
Against the you have few turns to do something and collect the mana.
On a video mana decreased from 30% to 50% EACH turn.

If it helps, her slow speed is a big part of taking her down; even on the Levels with Gwen and Knight

Used Proteus, targeting the Knight to delay her casting , killing him last

Couple of cards out there to counter her — and I’m the Forrest Gump of event strategy :slight_smile:

If they change her now, she’ll just be a cream puff in a few appearances — that window to go off is pretty large and if it gets away from you; bombs and potions can clear the minions and let you regain control

So I agree — she’s beatable and this looks like a translation error — as the mechanic mimics the actions of other minion makers that do something when they hit vs something when they get hit…

doubt they wrote an entirely new script for her that broke; and if English is the default — I’d use that for quality control baseline

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