Knights of Avalon Event Summon Results Megathread

Sorry but i had to do it.

After 1,5 years of nothing, i was ready to go bankrupt after Lady of the Lake, but this was my results after 20 pulls so i stopped.

I still trembling.


After 1,5 years of nothing i still get nothing. My event pulls are cursed they are always full 3* with an occasional S1 4* and thats all. ALWAYS.

3 single
3x 3* (all of them purple)

In my 1.5 year of playing E&P the best I got was one 4* from event pulls… Hansel.
I am doing 3-4 pulls per challenge events.
The total of my HOTM pulls is 0.

6 single pulls :heart_eyes:

She’s maxed already


10 pulls… I already have too much red and what do I get…that Knight. Ugh. Yeah, I’m grateful, but when should I get the mats for all those red 5*? :frowning: And Colen number xyz and Gormek (didn’t have him yet)…
Second Rigard, THAT was exciting :slight_smile:

I did two pulls with gems:

So, pretty happy at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get some of these challenge coins for later…


x10 summon got Lancelot, Justice, FOUR Kailani, THREE Carver, and Ulmer. :sob:

Really wanted Black Knight. This hurt. MORE THAN A FLESH WOUND!


I was pretty excited for the new characters, I have 3 maxed (Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot) so thought it would be fun to get the full family bonus with a Knights AW team. I went all in with the coins I had been hoarding, all I received was a hard lesson in RNG though:

Definitely a bit demoralizing but I knew the risks going in. Pushed Gobbler from 3-1 to 3-60 with all the feeders though :laughing::sob:


Did 30 pulls, 3 bauchan, 2 Lancelot and Guin! Was targeting Merlin and hoping for Black Knight, but I will take guin and run and be happy as hell.


I stopped going crazy about the pulls after chasing Panther and Miki last month. Only 10x from me this time hoping for super luck. Super luck did not happen.

Most happy about 2x Bauchan. Got also Sabina and Lancelot, both I have already and one is enough so not super excited about those.

I really only want the Black Knight, and chance around 0.15% is demotivating enough from chasing after him. So I’m good. Let’s see if I get any coins and hit some jackpot.

First 10-pull as a vc2p … think I’m good! (2nd Lianna though, probably won’t max her)


Second Joon and first Bauchan. I’ll probably pull again at the end of the month during Atlantis.


Did a single pull. Got a Jahangir. Immediately fed him to Queen of Hearts.


50 pulls by now…1 merlin, 4 bauch…aaanddddd 45 food things :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


4 pulls of saved up gems looking for my 1st knight.
3* panda, Tyrum, Jahangir Belith.

What a great breakfast my heroes had.

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33x Pulls.

Zero 5’s.
No event 4’s.
2x Bauchan


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Like everyone I was hoping to get the great Black Knight. But I will gladly settle for Grazul, my first 5* red! :heart_eyes: image


I feel your pain had a bad pull last event too

20 pulls in total…and my bad luck with event summons continues. Third Justice, no event hero, no hotm :worried:

5 pulls brought Grazul, Kadilen, Merlin, Kiril and a dupe of Little John that I fed away. Lucky strike for me this morning.


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