Knights of Avalon Event Summon Results Megathread

Guys guys guys…

all its random…

thats the sad part also the happy part of this game that keeps it popular :wink:

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35 pulls, 1 Merlin, 1 lance, 6 4* doubles, rest 3*, 0 5*
other ally member 105 pull, 0 5* 3 merlins, other 4* doubles lot and lot of 3*

no luck here

That’s a nearly perfect one! Grats!

hmmm… interesting :slight_smile:

Single 10x pull as soon as available:

1x Guinevere (:star_struck:)
2x Rigard
1x Melendor
6x random 3*

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How I got panther, ares, tarlak, misandra, Perseus, multiple of all HOTM from drake to Evelyn which is when I started to pay to play, Victor list really goes on. First hour and last hour of event is only when I do pulls. Even did 2 single pulls on my alt Cheap2play account and got Arthur and got jackal from 1 single pull during last guardians event all within first 5mins of event being live.



Very, very nice! Congratulations on that!!!

I ended up doing single pulls later and got 2 Evelyns, Kadilen and another Guinevere - won't be doing anything with any of them though... Still - I had better results with single pulls for HOTM, I've thought this to be the case, this reconfirmed it, well kind of.



That is amazing results! Not mine, yet amazing!

Any relation to Bob-1? She is elusive!!! I got her in my last 10x pull of 7 10x in a row. Then I got her on a single pull following… Would trade her to you if I could. Hang in there!

6 4* heros my first pull 10x pull.
2 of them being Lancelot and 1 Merlin.
Second 10x nothing noteworthy.
2 single pulls. Grimm and Ulmer.

I fed everything but the event heros away.
I will be a strong person and not spend any more money. I had a cheap budget this month.

I have enough heros to work on without having to worry about more.


Two pulls from “free” gems yesterday:
5* Sartana (my first non-red 5*!!)
4* Merlin

ugh, first a glut of reds, now a glut of purples. Ha! (I’m still leveling Proteus)


I skipped a couple previously so this was my first time pulling from the Avalon event. Decided to go 5x10 and got:

  • 3xMerlin (new)
  • 2x Lancelot (new)
  • Arthur (new)
  • 3x Evelyn

Rest were duplicates of 3s and 4s, which I already had…

Seems like the ladies of Avalon are avoiding me…:disappointed_relieved: Guess I’ll wait till next Avalon event for Morgan and Guin…

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You are extremely lucky. Be happy with 4 highly desired 5* heroes!

I have done 5 10x summons between the last Avalon event and this one. Zero 5* heroes for me.

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My second seasonal 1x pull.

Duplicate Merlin. :neutral_face:

My first 4* dupe.


Did 2x10 pulls and got Merlin and Lancelot, later got a single pull and got Guinn. The sad part is I used my darts for Drake Fong after i didt get Guinn the first time…


Drake has more use then guin she is only a tank all be it the arguably the best tank in the game. Darts will come but if you are in diamond cups already having guin or not will not effect staying there really.


Little offtopic but in line. There are two parts in this game: getting the heroes and leveling tje heroes. If you are F2P yow will have plenty of mats by the time you get 5* heroes. If you are C2P, 15 - 20 € a month is more than enough to 2 a 1×10 pull in event and another in atlantis just getting the 2.29€ and 1.09€ offers. You can get a 5* monthly on average and will have to wait for 4* mats already. Spend more than that only lead to stockpile heroes which you can’t ascend without expending hundreds every months in the packs with ascension mats. I am actually following the C2P way using paypal money i get from surveys and is worling really nicely :slight_smile:

Single pull - Gan Ju. Don’t have him, so will let him ride in the roster until I can get to him.

Around 80 pulls and I got 5 Lancelots, King Arthur, Guin and 2 more Evelyns. I am happy with that and will walk away….

Pulled a 5* yellow from the event summons!! Sadly, it was a copy of the only 5* yellow I have. Oh well. Better than another Dawa…


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