Knights of Avalon Event Summon Results Megathread

Hi everyone,

Inspired by the training camp 20 thread, I thought it might be a good idea to track event summons in an organized way. Post your summon results here and hopefully with everyone’s combined data we can get a better idea of event hero (and possibly HOTM) chances. It may help to follow the format below

3* - (number of 3s)
- (number and name if event of 4* hero)
5* - (number and name if event of 5* hero)
HOTM - (number of HOTM)


I don’t have any details for the non-event heroes, but from last time it was around I did 140 total pulls. I received 0 HOTM (perseus I believe) and for event heroes I got 6 lancelot, 2 merlin, 1 Morgan le Fay. 0 arthur or guin. :frowning:

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Ouch … :frowning:

holy crap that gives a freaking 5* Event Hero a pricetag of over 350$ o.O

Edit: I think I need to start playing the lottery :slight_smile:

Yup, and HotM is a whole another story on top of that. It was talked that HotM has a price tag of about 1000$…
But you do have to consider that there probably was many other 5* heroes in those pulls, so not that bad.

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and some people didn’t know where to put their third (like me) or fourth, fifth Zeline for example.
I got all of mine in 2x10 summons and 3? singel summons

Just did a 10 summons
3* . 7
4*. 3,including merlin

1st 10x:
7x 3*
Sabina, Merlin, Lancelot

2nd 10x:
9x 3*


I got Lacelot in 2 single pulls. Kailini was the other.

Will be doing a 10x tonight after work.

Just 3 Kelile 4red
Rest 3

saved up my hard earned gems 800 and bought another 200 gems for 3 pulls

i got kalani and


For some reason did another.

5* khagan
4s skittleskull, Melendor, Sabina
6 3

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No luck for me ;( Did 5x pulls and got Azlar, Hawkmoon, Kashrek, Jahangir and Oberon :cold_sweat:

[edit] aaaaand now buyer’s remorse kicks in :joy:

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Wow, very lucky :slight_smile:

I did 2 single pulls and got Nashgar and Merlin. Merlin is my first event hero, so made me happy :slight_smile:

Edit: I did get 2 bunnies, so Merlin is my first event hero from an event summons.

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Did 4 10-pulls and 5 single pulls. Don’t have exact numbers on everything, but:

5*- 3 (Justice, Richard, Aeron*)
4*- Not sure about non-event, but got 2 Merlin, 7 (!!!) Lancelot

Would have gladly traded all of the above for 1 event 5*… only new hero I pulled was Aeron.


Just did a 10x pull and got:

  • 4*: 2x Merlin, Boril
  • 3*: Ulmer, Blathazar, 2x Carver, 2x Azar, and Tyrum

Here are my 60 event pulls - I’m not complaining for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Surely nothing to complain about there :slight_smile:

What is this nest you have on your SH with countdown timer for gems?

6 Pulls:

  • 3 :star: 1/6

  • 4 :star: 3/6

  • 4 :star: 2/6 event
    Sir Lancelot

VIP pass - it gives a second builder, 30 gems daily and a second free summon. It’s totally worth it for 5$ a month :slight_smile:


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