Knights of Avalon Event - December 2018 start date?

Does anyone know, will we still get this in December or is it being displaced by the Holiday event?

I believe it is still happening regardless of xmas event.


Correct. Winter seasonal event, portal and calendar start 1 December. Avalon should start on the 6th (or possibly the 13th). The next chunk of Atlantis opens on 27 December.

EDIT: Petri has now confirmed that Avalon will start on the 13th.


It’s always second Thursday in the month so I believe it will be 13th Dec.

It’s not always been second Thursday if the month. It’s the Thursday of the second Saturday


Which places it on the 6th.

@Kerridoc can you confirm which is correct? If it’s always the 2nd Thursday or the Thursday after the 2nd Saturday? I’m curious for Avalon but also future challenge events. Thanks for your help!

I’ll bounce this question to @Petri. I believe that events now start on the Thursday before the second Saturday of a month, which would place the event on the 6th.

I had thought they had moved the challenges up due to the war issue about a month ago? So now it may be the 1st thursday of the month?

they gave us an extra rare quest as a compensation for the war issues, nothing was said about the challenge events

I don’t remember where, but it was mentioned as @Kerridoc describes somewhere. The last time that I remember this confusion abounding was when Fables of Grimforest first appeared in June. If you look at the calendar for that month, it was the Thursday before the second Saturday, since 1 June was a Friday. Here’s the thread:

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This is true, Challenge Event runs within the normal schedule in December as well. This time it’s Knights of Avalon and it starts on Thursday, 13th of December.


Cheers for the confirmation @Petri! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for the great work!


Is it December 6th or 13th?
The 6th is my birthday would be a heck of a birthday present if I could try to spin for Guin on my Birthday! That would be EPIC!

It was spelled out…


Is it still on Thursday the 13th? I ask because I saw this attributed to @Petri in a Line Chat group. Lets get the story straight before more rumors spread.


I think @Petri’s been at the eggnog a little early. 17th doesn’t make any sense, must be the 13th.


Maybe Petri knows something that you don’t!


Can there be a ‘too early’ for the eggnog? jk:wink:

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Well the chat goes further… don’t trust Line Chats, they are often fake news . ^^