👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion

Since I don’t run into to many Green tanks, I use him in a 3/2 or 3/1/1 stack in off color when I bring him on raids. In a 3/2, I usually take him with chef boldtusk or Grazul depending on the team I’m going against.

90% of the time, the 2 in my 3/2 is GM and Zim. replacing Zim with BK gets rid of the fat cleanse that’s so important these days. I end up losing a LOT more with BK in there. I can try using BK and Zim, but then I lose GM’s damage and Zim overwrites BK’s atk buff, so there’s not as much synergy…

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It’s one of the concerns I expressed about him early on, at average speed and 3 turns he can feel late and gone too quickly, but in my case he’s been a very valuable hero in a 3/1/1 stack (him being a 1)… but, I’m also using him with a 23 mana which really changes his feel for me (same with inari and aegir types, they shine once that mana troop is up). Understand not everyone has that level available, but if you do, he’s far better and feels more on time.


Yep. Working on that, but with all these emblems to assign, food is increasingly hard to come by. And then I need another lv 12 mana troop for GM!

… first-world problems?


Have completely different experience with him. He is in my defense and quite often in my attack teams.
Use him in 4/1 and also in 3/2 and mono and am extremely happy with him even though not yet at 23 lvl mana troop.

Talking for normal boards

His main purpose in my attack teams is protecting in the middle of the raid when a special can change the outcome - usually he will charge when there are 3 heroes from the opposite side ready to fire specials - have taken out 2 heroes already, am down on health due to slash attacks and a special or two.
In mono with him, Wilbur and Falcon once charged - one 3 match wipes out the whole board.

Is one of my favorite heroes.

P.S in the very fast tourney now, BK at 6 tiles was ridiculous in attack :slight_smile:


Interesting. In 4/1 do you use him as the 1 (or the 2 in a 3/2)?
It’s possible that I’ve gone so far into the all-out attack frame of mind that I have to re-adjust how I think about teams when I use BK. For the all-out attack mindset, teams are about doing as much damage as quickly as possible to prevent the opponent from even firing a special.

I’ll have to think about some slower builds and see what I can come up with.

This I’m completely on board with! :wink:

Have a style very close to yours than. Huge amount of attacks I don’t have even a healer. So it took some time adjusting to BK being slower. He is in my teams to protect against bad boards.

4/1 purple Kage, Seshat, Hel and Ursena/Rigard and BK - use this team for everything 4500+ almost every time with great success and BK is key in most of the fights when the board is not very good

3/2 started using him with Grazul as the 2. Quite fun - almost immortal- however not as per my liking - fights are too slow this way

Mono red - anyway my mono is average so don’t have an issue with him being average - if 10 red tiles exist in the first 6-7-8 moves is game over

I use 3-2. Wilbur, BK, GM, Finley, Ariel.

Wilbur will cause all team members have attack boost and applies buff to the opponent. Finley fires, all enemies defense down and sometimes 2-4 dies.

Ariel cleanse the team and heals. Plus increase mana gen.

Usually when BK and Wilbur fires, it’s game over.


In my opinion he is really amazing. Moved Kunchen from my team and gave him tank position.


What a beast! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you on Fighting familiar names :muscle:

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I thought I would LOVE him when I first saw his card but when playing a bit I became a bit disenchanted once it became clear that spirit link meant the rest of the team takes damage. Just a three turn effect and average mana speed meant that I soured on him unfairly (especially considering Kunchen is standard in my raid attack teams).

This past war he save my skin, he was part of a team that I hoped would break the tank but no hope of winning the battle. He taunted and knocked damage down to so that the scrubs won.

I need to play around with him more, I feel I have misused him so far once my “dream” lineup (Aegir w/BK flank) proved to be mediocre. Perhaps the shared damage to the team from spirit link is less important than the attack buff increase that spirit link guarantees.

Defending, he IS a good tank and can cause problems. Thank goodness he only lasts three turns when facing him. Just don’t see him replacing anyone on my defense since I can’t feed him enough emblems due to the three way fight between him, GM and Kage to outshine my existing Kunchen tank.

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Would generally agree with you, as before I got BK my defense and attack in raids were only based on Kunchen and Guin tank. Only about 40-50% success in Raid defense.

But after combining above team with BK I found out that my defense is more then 60-65% successful in win rate.

I still think Drake is better then Rana for my BK team, but don’t have him.


Yea with spirit link there’s still shared damage, but not necessarily full damage shared around…

Hit with a sniper shot, yes, full damage gets shared around.
Hit with AoE, taunt pulls only one hit to BK, then it gets shared… That can be lifesaving.

It’s not quite as OP as I thought it was going to be… But the damage getting spread gets the beserk going, so I’m not unhappy with it.


I created an experimental farming and raid team to try and see how BK is when given a proper chance. I am NOT using a spirit link with him in this series and was also testing other heroes.

MN (4th ascension but not maxed) - Morgan - GM - Zimkitha - BK

Wanted to see Zimkitha’s AoE with BK’s attack buff - Verdict - Becomes very effective. Her attack buff overwrites BK’s so not really a good pairing. I would hold her until BK’s buff was in final round, higher buff and overwrite is less important.
Wanted to see Morgan in action before taking away the emblems - her life drain is deadly.
GM - I don’t raid with him in regular team so wanted to get a feel for him on offense. Emblems are certainly making him less deadly (Defense and Health bumps mean his damage and DoT are a smaller percentage of enemies overall HP than pre-emblems) but he still leaves them in a world of hurt. BK’s attack buff helps but his upfront damage is small, his tiles though…mmmmm.

BK makes cascades deadly which is delicious. Wu does too but BK is a proper 5* with amazing secondary skills.


If you think cascades are deadly without spirit link… >:]

I love BK, use him a heck of a lot - rarely without Wilbur in tow.

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2 months of playing, I love the guy. New favourite (used to be the Monkey King in 4* land). But I have to admit better in attack than defence. I think… My happy moments are when the big AOE guys fire to absolutely no effect. He’s so dependable!

I am seriously jealous I couldn’t pull Grazul when going for BK. That combo has to be amazing; especially with shutting down special effects and healing at the same time. BK changes a lot when raiding; I typically run him with Alby, Tarlak, Evelyn and Zim. There’s a lot of healing/revives/and tunneling damage directly towards BK that makes this team highly versatile and able to come back from near losses in amazing ways.

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Black Knight & Riposte Synergy

Going to Necro this thread a little bit…

I noticed an amazing synergy for Black Knight and any Riposte Hero (by accident) in the last alliance wars…

I did an attack with BK & Elena (next to each other) and noticed that when both specials were active, the Riposte dealt back the FULL 125% of incoming strikes REGARDLESS of if BK’s Flesh Wound reduced it to 1 damage or not…

Stepping it out:

So for example, I have BK & Elena next to each other.

  1. I fire BK’s special off, activating the Taunt & Flesh Wound, then Elena (this order so I get the attack buff on Elena).

  2. Then say the enemy have a Magni or Joon… They charge their special up & fire it off.

  3. BK’s Taunt Kicks in and directs the Sniping Special at himself

  4. BK’s Flesh Wound then activates and reduces the damage received from 600 damage down to 1 damage.

  5. Riposte (counter) then activates and sends the full 750 damage back at the sniper (joon or magni)… they die

After discovering this synergy I have adjusted my teams… Grazul got kicked outta my Red-Stack main raiding team & Elena got put in instead… It’s just too awesome to not make use of!


I will try BK and Jean combo. Need Jean to level but I think his burn can be amplified by BK by a lot. Similar to Anzogh and BK combo.

sounds an excellent synergy… wonder if RNG will give me 1 black knight to use with my elena!

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