👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion

I don’t have BK but my khiona & boldtusk don’t stack so it would be wierd if it works with BK.
Best possible tile dmg would be:
wilbur (-44 def)
BK (+145 atk)
Ranvir (+195 atk -35 acc)
Gregorian (+30 crit)

Darn. Okay, thanks everyone. Thanks @Mr.Spock


Edit: khiona (and i assume BK) attack Cap is 145% (5 hits), not 125 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could anyone plz help me decide which side i should go?
Thanks a lot

People seem to suggest for heroes like this Defense>HP>Attack. He’s an unfortunate Barbarian because he’s not attack oriented, but beef up his def and HP and he’ll be A+ tank


So, right side for the defense boost?

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What’s your entire defense team mate?

I change it up a lot, but back then I believe it was drake - ursena - bk - zel - lepus. Emblems were no higher then 7, 23 mana troops.

Wow, long thread… Just found my missing rings so finally the Knight ascended! He’s at 4/30. So I took him on a couple of raids, taking Ares’ position in the center, flanked by Zeline and Seshat. Oooh, he goood!

So I’m wondering - has anyone run him with Ares? In defence perhaps? And don’t you be dissin’ Ares(earlier in this thread somewhere), I still love the guy, changed my game! He and Seshat have single handedly survived and won raids, a perfect pair!

Recently maxed him and tried as back up color togheter with Grazul in my 3-2 stack.

What to say… incredible.

The raiding is pretty different from before.
I used to take my Azlar instead of him, so my second color is much less strong them before. But when he kicks in, it’s pretty much game over.

The Grazul-BK works very well. BK cover my team, and Grazul avoid he get stopped/burned/whatever else.
Many of my raids now end with me at full health against +16 and +12 talent teams.

When the opponent has Isarnia and Azlar shooting, or Drake Gravemaker at the same time and the total damage dealt is 2 without any status applied, you know there’s nothing to be afraid.


Have him at +11 - he is quite often in my 4/1 attacks against 4500+ teams. Offensively he is fantastic.

On defense still haven’t decided which position he is best frankly. Have a center trio Guin +9, BK +11 and Ursena + 11. Moved the around in all configuration and can’t say there is much difference - win around 50% of my defenses and stay around 2600 cups. However had fought some very beefy defences and when Guin is +14 and above I think he is a better flank to Guin that the other way around.

@AS2019 Did you go full defense and HP with him? If the choice was attack+hp or defense+attack, which would you choose?

Mines in the 3rd ascension with rings ready to go and I can’t wait to use him. He’s like a squishy 4* defense hero still, so not ready yet. Saving emblems for him too!

I still need one set of rings to ascend him, but have been using him as tank for a long time at 3/70 and have had mixed results.

As @Mr.Spock said, he can be very squishy, unless the ennemy let him fire his special and have a good ratio of flesh wound triggers.

In offense, I absolutely love him. Knowing that he can “absorb” deadly snipers or AoE attacks is a real game changer.

Oh and when the raid tournament with buff booster, he gets quite punchy on tiles damage, because his special gives 3 buffs, so this is +60% attack, on top of +45% attack buff.

@Elpis : in which configuration do you use BK + Grazul? BK as tank? And which level needs Grazul to be effective in this role? I’m asking because I also have Grazul in the pipeline. thanks :slight_smile:

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@Mr.Spock All the way health and defense - with crit troops becomes a monster. Here you go base stats before troops at +11


These stats!!!

Are crits trop preferred over mana trop?

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Not by the top most players, but they can certainly be an advantage with defensive heroes

Got my Black Knight almost maxed on the third ascension and he is already quite beefy! Brought him in a red stack on an 8* green titan with Wilbur +18, Scarlett, and Boldtusk. Obviously Boldtusk overwrites but I wanted some heals. Anyways, BK was so great in this stack! If I can snag a guardian falcon my green titan scores are going to soar. BK and Wilbur make a great duo

I’ve been using black knight on offense lately, and his average speed is really limiting his usefulness.

He really needs to fire early to be useful on offense, and he just takes forever! I don’t notice the speed as much with a hero like red hood. Not sure why, but I think it’s just that hood is less preventative than BK.

It’s at the point where I feel like i just need a really good board to make black knight work, but when I get a really good board, I don’t need his protection. Anyone else feeling similarly about BK?

Do I need to relegate him to titans only where I can charge his mana?

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What team do you use him in? I use him as part of a red stack, so since I’m prioritizing red tiles I don’t feel him as being slow. In a rainbow team with no color priority he may feel slower. But honestly, he’d be crazy overpowered at fast speed. I’m happy with him at average.

Perhaps you could also pair him with someone like Kingston so the attack debuff can improve his survivability and therefore his utility to the remainder of the match.

Regardless, he’s excellent and we’re lucky to have him.

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I’m using him as the 3 in a 3/2 stack. Usually go with Gravemaker, BK, and someone else. I’ve tried Zim and Red hood mostly. Other maxed reds are Azlar, Nat, and Anzgoh. I’ve tried him with Wilbur but don’t like that pair as it bypasses the taunt with the damage sharing.

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