👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion

I don’t have BK but my khiona & boldtusk don’t stack so it would be wierd if it works with BK.
Best possible tile dmg would be:
wilbur (-44 def)
BK (+145 atk)
Ranvir (+195 atk -35 acc)
Gregorian (+30 crit)

Darn. Okay, thanks everyone. Thanks @Mr.Spock


Edit: khiona (and i assume BK) attack Cap is 145% (5 hits), not 125 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could anyone plz help me decide which side i should go?
Thanks a lot

People seem to suggest for heroes like this Defense>HP>Attack. He’s an unfortunate Barbarian because he’s not attack oriented, but beef up his def and HP and he’ll be A+ tank

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So, right side for the defense boost?

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What’s your entire defense team mate?

I change it up a lot, but back then I believe it was drake - ursena - bk - zel - lepus. Emblems were no higher then 7, 23 mana troops.

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