👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion

Feel very stupid now :frowning:

Got BK and went really hard on atlantis ( really really hard ) in hope for getting Aegir or Ariel with future dream defense Aegir tank and BK flank…
If i knew would saved a lot of $…

Suppose silver lining is that i didn’t get Aegir :rofl: so can’t be super angry now

Yes 250 each, thanks, fixed. So is it a bug or is it just anti-synergy?

bk and inari is just monstrous right now. Any 2 2 1 against kunchen as tank i have run into I can run bk inari and any other yellow and it’s been pretty much a wrap. her tile damage boosted with his attack buff plus the stack plus her dodge which works with his taunt to give him minions is just OP. also makes it easier to use emblemed four stars whose specials are more useful to counter like hansel, gretel, and proteus


so got black knight to 3/70. results??? Number 3 global!!!

black knight FTW. I’m a 2 2 1 player and he just gives me unlimited build options, a great hero. I have the queen and gravemaker previous high was number 8. numbers dont lie. 100% recommend black knight for players who dont run mono all the time


He’s been absolutely fantastic in this tourney for me … who needs heal when BK can just shrug off all of the specials coming your way. Very happy I spent the rings on him. Outside of the tourney he’s currently on my favorite team which at first was just a throw together kind of team, but it’s winning so much I’ve kept rolling with it. (Pos-BK-Onatel-Ursena-Drake)

Also, congrats on top 3!


This is what the game logic is basically doing when Black Knight is targeted, with damage share active:

  1. Check the damage received
  2. Share the damage
  3. Check to see if “Just a Flesh Wound” activated, and if it did, drop Black Knight’s damage to 1.

I recommend that you take a video and put this under #bugs-issues. Staff and users can comment there about it, and staff can confirm whether this is intentional or not.


If this isn’t a bug it compensates for the upside of spirit link for the attack boost. Kind of like when Wilbur links the enemy as well… hope it is a bug.

On another note, holy power creep. Drake Fong is considered a top tier hero, here he is side by side with BK, both partially leveled…DF is a good way ahead (7 levels) and yet below BK in power (2):

Before someone asks, yes both are 8/8 on special.

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I have both maxed and tier 6 emblems… difference at that point is 798 vs 809, but that doesn’t make me love my Drake any less.


I have lots of love for Drake Fong, very eager to have him maxed. I never, never look to the power rating as anything relevant since I care about the stats or how the specials work to decide which hero is most useful for a role.
Just that for leveling purposes I have the heroes sorted by power so all the 1* and 2* feeders cluster at the bottom so no scrolling to find them like when I had it sorted by element (for a long time :man_facepalming:) , this difference actually surprised me quite a bit because I hold DF in such high esteem.


Yeah the creep is certainly there, just thankful that I haven’t really “felt” it as much as seen it and my reply was just an observation, I had no point other then I like drake and here are higher up stats for comparisson haha


100% agree

Hope my reply didn’t come across as an attack/critique. I was agreeing an adding my thought process for getting there.

My hero tracking excel sheet (my heroes only) I have the column of 2x Defense + Health for a durablitiy score and BK is off the charts…

Wondering if I should drop the Aegir tank/BK flank idea and just run BK with Kunchen, not sure who tanks (Kunch so he fires or BK to draw the fire and hope Kunch heals BK before he dies)…

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Congratulations! Wow, only at 3.70 too. I wasn’t excited when I pulled him but now I feel I was very lucky. Got all the Avalon heroes except Guin, in one avalon event.

What were some of your favorite synergistic combos with BK?

these were the three teams I used the most on my way up. it was getting tough cause I dont have as many five stars with emblems as the top guys so had to combine debuffs and timing of specials well.

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Try them both out for sure… I’m having more success with BK at tank then expected but I’ve flanked him with large aoe so maybe that helps, he went on a 15 win streak starting in the 2600 trophy range and moving up to top 10… that sold me. Obviously kunchen is a solid tank as well, so… good problem to have :slight_smile:

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I am upping slowly Ursena, BK already for a while at 3/70 as waiting for rings. Once both maxed think will run them together on defense. Which one you would consider to be better version BK tank, Ursena flank or the other way around?

Probably not only one right answer, but BK is more durable. But you only really need Ursena to fire once so she could be good to put at tank to get hit with the most tiles

Think would be ideal for Ursena to hit once BK had activated the attack buff, that would be nice - suppose this to happen frequently should be BK tank and Ursena flank…
Also have Kage + 9, so to put BK as tank maybe would have to strip my crazy samurai of his emblems which will be a pity…
Too many questions ( expensive decisions ) on this one, but at least have time to figure it out and watch out on the forum and in the top alliances how is being done. Strangely don’t see a lot of BK on defence with top players - maybe because eblems are with Gravy?

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Both ways can win plenty, I’m currently tanking BK with Ursena and Zel wings, it does well, switching BK and Ursena did well also, both have the ability to hang out around the 2550-2650 range in trophies without much issue.


I haven’t seen anyone talk about the synergy with Mok’arr yet. If you have Wilburs spirit link plus BK attack boost up, and then activate Mok’arr while having 4 non-dark heroes, you would jump to 124% attack in an instant theoretically because everyone would get hit 4 times.

Add a Gregorian for 30% extra crit or Wu for insane tile dmg.
And add an Anzogh for crazy heals xD

Only one missing for me is BK so can’t test this myself

125% sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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