Knights of avalon - are they worth gems?

Hello everybody,
Just finished gathering my 2600gems and initially planned to do an epic hero pull and hope for some of the knights of Avalon later this week, however a chances of getting 4 or 5 star heroes are higher in elementar summon. I`m not missing any color, but would love to pull Joon or Wu kong. On the other hand wouldnt cry much if I got Guinevre :smiley:
so, should I try knights or just do a yellow pull? :smile:

Wu kong is more useful then Gwinevre, but on the other hand you can even drop him from a TC while event heroes are only avalaible spending.

If you have to spend, maybe event pulls are always better right now.


Are we definitely getting knights this week ? Or has it been put back to next week due to the Easter event

This Thursday. 20character

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Thanks I must have missed the notification

There are some great heroes in Knights. I personally like the Guardians a bit better (basically Jackal, Falcon and Panther) but I’m sure plenty will say that Knights is comparable or better.

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The 4* heroes are definitely comparable.
The 5* though? Close but not quite.
Arthur & Guin are top tier in their class. Morgan Le Fey is average.
Panther is the only top tier in Guardians. The other 2 are below average.

Just depends on what you need but Knights is a good source of heroes.


Personally, the 4* in Guardians are better than those in Knights for my uses. The elemental debuff is a killer feature. Merlin is amazing but Lancelot is just another awesome 4* red. There are a lot of those already.

Given that the chance at a 4* event summon is much higher than a 5*, that’s why I lean Guardians.

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Lol Morgan is average? Morgan with the right setup and omg bad board will suck ur HP dry and make you literally run to the closest couch or bed and throw your phone as hard as you can.


Jackal and Falcon are nice…I like Jackal better of the 2 for sure. But I really want Gwen or Arty from the knights challenge. The 5* are definitely better in knights. …and you still have the (slim) chance of pulling other 5* heroes.

Lance and Merlin are both pretty nice 4 as well - just depends on what you need. I haven’t had a chance to level up Lance yet, but really like him…just had other priorities on my list to level up. just now getting back to Lance.

All the Avalon heroes are good, especially Guin, Arthur, and Merlin. I only pull during events since I have TC20 running 24/7.


I put her on the corner of my AW defence team. She’s the last one standing every time, and always holds off at least 3 attacks on her own. She was by far my most useful hero for getting through Springvale too.
She’s a great hero, if she wasn’t in the same event draw as Guin people would covet her more.


Just don’t get your hopes up with a single pull. Some people are lucky, but most don’t get their return on investment…

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I guess I can reword that? She isn’t a “must-have” like Panther or Arthur. She has a niche that can be filled by other heroes too. Average is not bad or best in class. Somewhere in between.

I wouldn’t be upset if I got her.

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I keep Morgan in the corner for AW defense too Mantis, and see the same exact results. :joy:


I never really thought of her as a War hero (lol). Hearing about your results may warrant some Tonics from me.

Morgan is best paired with troops that give a healing bonus (like 4* mana troops), as these increase her returned HP. Also remember that she can be sucking on multiple targets at once.


Better not comment that :nerd_face:


Are you saying that Morgan is a sucker?

She doesn’t take a healing boost on her own attack, although the 4* mana troops are the way to go with her, if you only have the 4* tree troops then a 3* with decent attack buff can work.
Her heal always matches the DOT, so it’s determined by the attack modifier ((672 + 20%)/4=201.6), although as you can see in the first battle SS (they came out backwards) it isn’t affected by Boldtusks buff during fights, presumably to balance the fact that it ignores armour stats.


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