Klaern – 5* Ice / Blue - July 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

The thing with Vela was that she always had promise, and a decent skillset, but just flew under the radar until Telly came along and then suddenly your entire team were turned into sloths.

Klaern IS a sloth. All they’d need to do it make the water damage '800 over 4 turns ’ and suddenly he becomes more viable.


Agreed… And to a certain extent it would make elradir more valuable…

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Perhaps, but if they were going to leave him as is, i think his water damage should definitely be uncleansable, and for him to assist the team, he could absorb 25% of DOT from any ailments casted within the 5 turns.

I cant imagine how they were creating him and having him be slow and not a threat on his own. About 99.9% of the slow/very slow heroes are practically nukes (ruby 3 charge, goseck, Khufu)

You are comparing him to paywalled event heroes… He is an hotm… Maybe… Compare him to a slow bertilla… But the others are not germane to this conversation.

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Okay thats fair, then lets compare him to Viscaro, someone who has an interesting niche but does pretty well at at as a slow hero. Its been said im sure, but he doesnt excel at anything and besides the elemental link he doesnt really contribute to the team by himself. You can pick any 5* and find some sort of synergy that makes sense. Ultimately, youre right in the sense that in time he could suddenly get buffed or the synergy will come

I’m still shocked when I see him fully LB and emblemed on defence teams. Once he goes off, he does absolutely nothing.


So, looking back, Klaern is actually not bad in rush. His passives gives him full immunity to the likes of Alfrike. so, i may reconsider him and may work on him for future rush wars and tourney

Keep us updated because even then he only benefits himself and the healing he gets is almost nonexistent. Thats the uniqueness of his skill


And what else he does? One pathetic hit? One pathetic dot? One pathetic healing for himself? Just don’t wast your mats on him, he really don’t deserve them, Isarnia without any costume it’s much better than this hero.


You can increase the ampunt of healing he gets, since the Water damage is not specified to a specific hero. You could run him with Costume Rana for more water dot. And adding Franz can help increase the dot.

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Please share videos of his utility. We will try to understand. I always believe that every card is usable and an early adopter of many cards that were usually regarded trash. But Klaern has 0 utility in any form of the game.
He will the be the first hero after Zulag who will never be leveled.


Nope, this is not how it works. That’s an exclusive ailment for klaern. Multiple klaerns can’t even heal from the water DOT, only the latest one. And C Rana will just overwrite his water DOT. I have tested it, it is really that abysmal


Exactly what @Tidyup have said. He it’s suck no one hero can make him better.

For exemple Exeera DOT dont work with Klaern to increase his healing?

No they don’t work together, here it’s Klaern and Rana C.

Look on their icons for water damage they are different, and also what have said tidyup even another Klaern will overwrite the Klaern, so he don’t work even with himself.


Oh my god what a terrible hero. He’s like the worst ever he doesnt have any use. Well no regrets on eating mine on soul exchange

You will regret it if he get a buff, exactly for this I am keeping 1 of every hero, no matter how worst are they.


Even if SG gives him 10 iterations of buffs, he will only be worth being an eye candy. The only reason i have him is because i am saving him for a potential soul exchange when i collect 20 cards.


Nah, most likely he won’t get a good buff. The only way to make him good is they buff him to fast speed


I think he is an amazing hero. I have yet to lose a raid against someone who ascended him :slight_smile:. Now if everyone had one, raids would be much easier!