Klaern – 5* Ice / Blue - July 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I finally faced this :clown_face: he’s got to be the worst hero in the game. I let him fire and barely scratched anybody. The devs claim to play this game but I’m starting to doubt it with the release of such a pathetic “hero”.

Noor isn’t all bad she has some niche use for those without huge roster.

apparently some prolong the memory of klaern even at the highest level! emblem and LB, at least all that !

Well, he does have Xylophone to help his mana + lvl 30 mana troop :woman_shrugging:

I haven’t posted my luck here.


I have no words to express how terrible Klaern is. I can’t believe they release this hero in 2022!!!’ He was born outdated already

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What family bonus would be needed to make klearn decent?

Only 2023 family bonus to make him viable without breaking the others: Plus +500%/+1,000%/+1,500% to damage over time effects

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