Klaatu alliance is looking for 8-10 mid level Active but easy going members

Our 3+year alliance has up to 10 slots available and is looking for members to help us progress to the next level. We are a global easy going team with mostly working professionals from all over including Australia, UK, the Balkans, Canada and the US with FTP members as well as CTP, ranging from 3500-4800+. Members opt in for wars (if you do you should use all flags) but aren’t required to do so, as well as hit titans as we’re able, currently handling most 7 stars and many 8 stars. Many of us have been with the team from the beginning, we’ve also added and lost a few along the way but maintain a friendly banter with NO recriminations and lots of guidance and suggestions for those who are interested in a discussion. Stop by and take a look - we’d love to have you join us!

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