Kirill vs c kirill special

So I got a question, what’s more beneficial or what causes more damage. If I go regular and get 30 percent attack, will that cause more damage then defense down or will defense down have more damage effect?

Say if I use joon with 30 percent attack vs 34 percent defense down. Which will cause more damage to the enemy. Yes I know it’s 30 percent vs 34 percent too

I’m not a numbers guy, but I do recall seeing in that scenario the WITH costume is more beneficial for damage. For me I switch him more than any other costume.

With costume for titan so I don’t need Grimm. Without costume when I use Frigg who already has defense down. So versatile.


Defense down is more effective than attack up at the same percentages.


Defense down is more damage than attack up, like @Rduke77 said.
But for me my blue team is:

This will guaranteed get maximum/optimal damage from Snow White.

My old setup:


You’ll deal more damage after debuffing the enemy’s defense than buffing your allies’ attack. Having both is far better. But that costume of Kiril still eludes me.

I did answer this question a little bit ago but on the glenda thread (i think) but it was indirectly done.

Costume Kiril >> Normal Kiril


  • Kiril buff increased Azlar’s damage by 42.4%
  • Grimm defence debuff increased Azlar’s damage by 75.3%

As Grimm & Costume Kiril both have the same Defence Debuff (-34%) the math’s the same

Maths Below:


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