I currently have Kiril fully ascended, and now Sonya is on her last ascension. My question is this:

Would it be wise to replace my only healer Kiril with Sonya (who is very powerful) or should I keep him and just use her on occasion?


In my opinion Sonya is just ok. She was my first blue and hence I certainly have a soft spot for her but she’s really just a slightly tanky buff remover. She doesn’t hit all that hard, in fact Kiril has higher attack. Now, I haven’t leveled up my Kiril yet but I want to. I would keep him in my line-up over Sonya, he’s one of the best 4 stars in the game I think.


I think, they are both great. Attack raiser (maybe vs Titans) on the one side, debuffer (maybe vs Areas) on the other.


Beardy midget all night long.


Use Kiril and replace it on attacking raids when you are facing dangerous buff reliant tanks.


LOL. Got it. Thank you.


Thank u for your opinion. Appreciate it! I’m keeping Kiril.


Those are the only 4* blues I have fully ascended. I usually run kiril over sonya, but she’s great against buff-reliant heroes. They are also a great duo when raiding against a team with Ares on point, which becomes very common against high level teams.


Sonya’s great against Ares, but I don’t use her as much anymore now that I have Boril fully leveled.


Oooh, good to know. Thank you!!


I will. Thank you!!!


Really? Ok, that’s good to know too. Thank you much!