Kiril Talent Path... normal vs costumed.. help!

I have Kiril maxed… and I want to know what to do with his talents. Wizard and sorcerer paths are very different from each other… I can’t take a def/vit path of them at the same time… so… which of these 2 will be recomended to improve? or maybe a balanced one between them? thanks for the help!

If you took the health/defense path on his regular form (right, left, right, left, right, right), his costume grid would be ideal for titans. In my opinion, that would be the best of both worlds scenario.


Which version of him would you use?

The normal version is more bulky and it offers attack buff and defense buff at once which is very unique and very much needed. No other hero can do it.

Costume decreases attack and def of the enemy, which is something quite a number of even classic heroes can do partially (even Grimm for your blue stack). Having both in one hero is great, but you can easily build a team where other heroes do that and you can keep your two valuable buffs within the healer.

That said, in such dilemma I would definitely prioritoze the Wizard path. I would just use him much more in his wizard form.

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Kiril is new to me… I have been playing for one year and a half… and I got kiril at the costume chamber this month… so I have never used him… that is why I am asking what to do… but I think that I will use the normal one more often because I have a defending way to play this… thanks!!!

Yeah honestly i agree with @Suicide_Bunny. I’d pretty much just be levelling the costume for the stats and mana bonus, so I’d totally prioritize the wizard path

That being said proteus is the 4 star who gets my wizard emblems so for me the point is a little moot


Yes of course… my Proteus has 20 talents indeed… so I started with the blue healer, always needed!

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Which path leads sooner to the mana buff node?
I’d take him to there then work on my next kiril.
Second one, go the other path to have both options.

I had similar dilemma with costume rigard, took the ranger path but I’ve found I use regular rigard more often for the immediate heal vs hot.

My third rigard going the cleric path.

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As far as I understand you talent the wizard path. That is all you can talent.

@sirfightsalot1 You are correct. The path you choose will work for both wizard and sorcerer. Sometimes it is wise to make decisions based on a costume’s path if you plan to use the hero mostly in costume.

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