Kiril or Sonya

I need help with this. I have the equipment to fully level up Kiril or Sonya but I don’t know who to level up. In my team I got Melendor, Gretel, Hu Tao, Sonya, Kiril(I don’t have any good fire or dark). But can someone help on to which one would be better to fully level up Kiril or Sonya.

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I would go Kiril first, then Gretel and Mel, then Sonya. Don’t waste materials on Hu Tao


Kiril. You already have a debuffer and Kiril is one of the best 4* out there.

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Are you saying all your other heroes suck, or are they just not 4*s?

This is a question, not a snark.

Well, a bit

Kiril for the dragon banner, because that buff is awesome for titans. + It’s always nice to have several healers leveled for war. & Some people like running two healers even on raids. Sonya is good but the best part about her is her dispel and you have no need for that immediately, since you have Melendor. Would be nice to have more choices in different colors, but not until you get some variety going first. Kiril for sure.


i Would say it depends on your style. I have Melendor and Sonia and I like them together. They are great for dispelling enemies like Kiril :). I like having them both as it increases your odds of actually having one charged when you need it.

That said, they are both great and you wouldn’t be wrong either way.

Bud: they’re not 4 stars they’re just 3 stars

I went with Kiril. Thanks everyone for the help.=)

Then the other heroes do not suck. They have a place as you grow.

Kiril Kiril Kiril Kiril.

There. More than 20 characters. :laughing:

+1 for what @NPNKY said


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