Kiril or Grimm

That is my main defensive team, my 4*,5* heroes and my ascension items.When i am offensive i just switch one of the heroes of my main team with 2nd hero (sniper-for example Caedmoon or healer - Kunchen) of specific color(depending of the opponent raid/Titan…).So i am wondering about which hero do i have to ascend first -Grimm or Kiril.As you can see i have Kunchen and i need only 1 trap tool to ascend him to 3rd tier.Is it ok to ascend first Grimm and than kunchen , or first kiril and then some of my other heroes and which?Thank you.
P.S. I know that this is not the first topic about Grimm vs Kiril , but my team is AOE

Kunchen to replace Quintus and/or Kiril to replace Agwe.

Since your team is average and slow only, imho you’ll have to add a little bit of health to keep em alive until they’re charged. Both will also cascade their buffs with Wilbur.

Grimm would be also nice, but I think, that your AoEs will be better protected by some health.


Thank you very much.If i ascend Kunchen i will change my defensive team to this:

. Is it ok?
And in offensive i will replace Agwe with Kiril, because i cant replace quintus - he is my strongest offensive hero.So i have to ascend Kiril + Kunchen right?
Attack team:

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You’ll have to try.
Looks pretty scary :wink:
I’d ascend healers first.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking at your line up, replacing Kiril with Agwe is the right decision. Hu and Skittle on AOE, Caedmon as a fast debuffer and Kiril for healing with attack and defense buff.


I think both are pretty decent choices, but your heroes are slow mana … They can be axed before even firing off, so you may need a healer to keep em alive just enough for specials to trigger.

However , I will admit some players I know believe a good defense is a strong offence lol. So maybe they would throw in Grimm and kick all healers to the curb , but I can’t see it here in this case.

I would go for Kiril first in your shoes.

Grimm is cool, but you already have Wilbur for defence debuff.
And Kiril is simply great.

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