Kiril Bugged?(no attack bonus)

Hey there, is kiril bugged?
see below

before and after kirils special

anybody else seen that?

it isnt shown either when i tab into one hero

Wow that is strange, it does not look right.

Is it just the icon that’s missing or is there also no buff applied to the attack stat?

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tried to farm with him and that happend :smile:

now everybody got the buff exept grave

but rhe second pic shows that the buff is there, just the symbol is missing

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There were a fair number of reports a while ago of something similar, where status effects weren’t showing the icon even when applied, but most or all of the reports were about status ailments on enemies.

I’m not sure if that was fixed, but it seemed like there hadn’t been new reports of it for a while at least.

I wonder if this is related.

Linking that thread for reference: Elemental or Regular Defense Debuff, and Other Status Effects Fail – Likely a Visual Bug


just raided wirh him, and everything was normal… his buffs were on the heros and the sign was also there… so maybe just a small bug, as long as thr off bonus is applied its ok :slight_smile:

that’s quite the anomaly. The atk+ icon is in the hero portrait, but missing from the hero information box.

Actually, the icon is missing from GM too, it looks like.

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omg you’re right… and it’s just him?? Everyone else has the icon showing.

At least the bonus is calculating correctly, so this is just a visual bug. But pretty inconvenient in that regard.

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SG should compensate us 5k gems =P

Why stop at 5k gems?

Might as well ask for all of the heroes pictured in the screenshots with Kiril.


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