Kiril bug - defence data

Once I look on Kiril’s data in a big picture, it said that he had 667 defence. I started upgrading/feeding him and the smaller picture showed that defence was 662 and became 663. Now again, when I am choosing the big picture, the upgraded defence shows 668.

Hi @Vak ,

Can you provide any screenshots?

Cheers us

Sure. Need time. Now the same is with attack and life data

What do you mean by the smaller picture? Do you mean the one in the Hero Roster where you see all your heroes?
That score is the Power score which is different from the ATK, DEF, HP. Not sure how it’s calculated actually

Edit : What u2371 said below

Because costume bonus doesn’t show in level up screen stat.


Ah, sorry, gentlemen, I did not know about the Costume Bonus details. I checked and yes, it is the same case with other heroes. Then I have to delete this topic

The stat in level up screen is base stat without costume bonus. This happen to any hero with costume bonus. I think it is a visual bug.

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