Kiril ATK or DEF path

Hi. Ready to emblem Kiril, but not sure if I should go with ATK or DEF.
DEF seems to be the natural path, but given his DEF is already pretty high, and his ATK is actually not too shabby… Should I go with ATK?
I don’t have any wizards worth emblem (no proteus)… so I would like to make him work.
Other healers I have is normal Rigard. He is still at 3-70 waiting for materials to ascend.


Kiril is a support hero: you want him to stick around as long as possible and support other heroes who will be dealing damage. But he doesn’t really need to do the damage himself. As a result, I’d do defense.


Defense all the way.

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In my honest opinion, and I have Kiril with emblems, I went the defence route and he has done really well in war, raids and events etc.
Good luck

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Priority for a support hero generally is def>hp>atk.

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