Kington, Phileas Fogg or Lianna?


which of 5* green could recommend me to ascend from Kington, Lianna, Phileas Fogg, Elkanen C, Kadilen, Bertila and Horghall C.

Rest of my team are Magni C, Azlar C, Alfrike and Vivica.

Kingston and Phileas Fogg are fighter and i dont have emblems because of Magni. I have material only for one ascend, so i want to choose wisely. Thanks

lf you are set to this defense team, then the best hero to go along would be Elkanen with C. Bonus.

You got C. Magni def down to 3, C.Azlar to deal double dmg to 3 heroes below 50%… This is where Elkanen with C. bonus comes in between… He needs to deal good dmg on def down heroes for Azlar to finish them :wink:

Overall Phileas is best( and especially for titants), followed by Kingston.

Phileas Fogg if you don’t have Evelyn or Almur. Kingston if you have Evelyn or Almur. Lianna if you have Evelyn or Almur and you also have a Lianna costume.
The basic stats of Phileas Fogg is very high, equivalent to +10 or more of the S1 hero.

Phileas Fogg +0: ATT 832, DEF 727, HP 1339
Lianna +0: ATT 729, DEF 718, HP 1248

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Fogg of course. His stats are insane.

And he is besides kageburado the only one who first dispels and then hits very hard.

Emblems will surely come. Ninja tower, mystic titan, events… there are emblems all over this game.

If magniC stands on 20 emblems, you might Think over a rearrangement.
Nodch 19 and 20 cost 375 emblems, what is a lot.
Roughly thought it might be able to bring both magniC and fogg to about nodch 13 or 14.

I like the argument for elkanenC effects, but its very rare to have everything working together, because of randomness.

And with the same argument I might say: if fogg fires on a defense downed hero… its dead.

People tend to miscalculate the special ability of some heroes. Compared to liannas 512% hit, fogg seems to be worse with only 420%
But his base damage is more than 100 points higher, so he will hit at least equal.

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I would say Fogg. As mentioned before his statistics are very good. I recently acquired enough tonics to ascend him and probably he is getting Kingston’s emblems.
My Almur is at 20 emblems but is no comparison to both heroes but in 4* challenges very useful.
Choose wisely.

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