Kingston v Tarlak

Not sure if this is a bug but Tarlak was under Kingston’s reduced attack. When I fired his special it doubled his attack but did not remove the ailment. Has this been discussed?

It’s because Tarlak attack buff is a unique attack buff. That’s why it stacks with other attack buffs like gadeirus. Kingston affects attack like gadeirus but not Tarlak because it’s a different buff. Like gamblers stance.


Explanation and working as intended



I marked @SWEG’s reply as the solution, thanks for the heads up :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure it’s an explanation but I don’t like it. If you’ve taken a blow to the head your attack’s going to be weaker until you recover but that should hold for any attack buff.

Just tacking this on for reference:


Now the real question is which buff takes effect first when factoring in tile damage? Tarlaks, then Kingstons? Or Vice Versa?

Good point, IMO this is far from solved.

I sort of thought kingston would reduce the attack stat and then Tarlak would double what attack stat is left

Should be both at the same time, i.e.

Attack * 2 * 0.69

So order won’t matter, since it’d be multiplied at once, e.g.:

700 * 2 * 0.69 = 966

700 * 0.69 * 2 = 966



How so?
If kiril and tarlak stack

Kingston and tarlak stack

Wouldn’t make any sense to work any other way unless kingston dispelled and lowered attack like zeline does


Fine it’s solved. :frowning: It’s just that I’m a staunch supporter of island boy and unhappy with any result that limits his usefulness.

Keeps both heroes pretty useful

Tarlak keeps the attack debuff from hurting as much as it would without him

Kingston keeps tarlak attack buff from hurting as much as it would without him

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Yup, and if tarlak did overwrite Kingston, he wouldn’t stack with all other attack boosts, making him a lot worse for titans.


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