Kingston strike on Bera kills PIB?

Hard to tell the sequence but isn’t it possible that Finley killed BnB right before Kingston fired?

Looks an awful lot like Finley hit PIB for 510 when he had 782 left, which wouldn’t kill him. Then 990 seems to have hit PIB… why would the middle be lit up?

It doesn’t look like center took any damage, so is it a graphical glitch and Kingston just hit PIB?

Alternative explanation: “He hates these cats! Stay away from the cats!” :wink:


There is a visual bug when king is on offense and you target a opponent and it looks like another is being hit but it actually hits the targetted opponent. Maybe the same bug but forom defense to offense.


It does look like Bera was targeted but PIB got killed

Probably animation bug. I’ve noticed similar with Frida against double formations where I select the opposing hero in the middle, Frida correctly hits all but animation is played against a hero on the side.

Glenda’s animation also appears to hit a different hero to the selected one

Who had the attack debuff after the kingston special? that will answer the question of the actual target.

And that’s what it looks like, an animation bug. After the Kingston special, Bera’s monk ability countered Kingston’s attack down, Puss n Boots was dead and Freya has Kingston’s attack down. If Bera was targeted, Grazul would have had the attack down instead of Freya.

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