Kingston not doing damage on 8-7

This doesnt happen every time…but it NEVER happened before the update…i dont exclusively farm 8-7 and i typically put it on auto so i dont notice errors, but of a hand full of times ive played it manually ive had 4 times where this has happened…so i admit i do fire off specials pretty rapidly when i get to the boss, but thats never been an issue. Kingstons special does about 1100 damage to the 8-7 boss at the current level i have him at (4^50). Queen of hearts does around 550 damage at the level i had her at yesterday when i took the screen shot (4^74) which is about half of the bosses health…In the second pic ill post youll see where i hit the boss with sonya (4^70) and she did something like 800 damage…the boss has 1200 health so kingston alone should have the boss down to negliable health yet in both pics you can see where it only applies his negative defense buff against the enemy. In the pic where i fired QoH you can see the enemy has a little better than half health…and in the pic where i fired Sonya the enemy has less than half health…both cases it shows the buff from kingston and neither applies his damage…

Not sure if this helps but in pic 1i fired off in order: Kingston, QoH, Joon (4^55) which killed the other boss.

In Pic 2 i fired off: Kingston, sonya, joon…and its almost like the game knew each time the enemy should have been dead because it auto fired Joon to the opposite enemy each time…could have been luck of AI choosing the opposite enemy, but i doubt it

Pic 1

Pic 2

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