Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

How many Kingston do you have?
A screenshot from a P2P from my country.


Man, I have to give it to you, you really love him more than I do :wink:

It looks like a Kingston army :smile:

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Are you from one of those countries with 14 Princes?

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Yes, but I’m poor and have no Kingston.

Boy I sure do love that philosophy.
This game is a slow grind but I think it still can be fun. Granted things aren’t ever perfect but for me personally I have found out that sticking to my budget keeps the rage at bay. Anything good having is worth waiting for.
Have a great day.


Wow this is just insane.
But each to his own.
Thanks for sharing and scaring.

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So finally my Kingston made it to 4.80 and will be in my defense team from now on…

Now here’s my issue…my emblems are currently with BT (+18) and Poseidon (+3). No issues with taking Poseidon’s away…but what do I do with BT?? Any advice is greatly appreciated…


i think it depends how deep your roster is. emblemed bold tusk is very useful for me in AW and some events, which is why I allow him to keep the emblems for the moment. kingston gets the new collected emblems then. currently he is the only unemblemed in my defense. teams keeps me in diamond which is sufficient…


Yes, on my alt account I just used Kingston against sart and then “unleashed the rainbow on her”…she fired and hit Caed and only put a scratch on him, so i did it again before the debuf could wear off. Fired at kingston and did even less damage. By then Kingston was charged again and killed her.


I guess it’s more or less the same for me…I like to use BT in raids and war and at +18 he’s quite durable…

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I’m thinking of pulling the +5 off Panther and giving it to Kingston. Idk.


I have Kingston at +8. It is really weird to be excited to see Gravemaker on the other side. With Rigard +20, Proteus +19, and Athena +6, I almost never lose to that fiery death bringer anymore.

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Does Kingston’s opponent attack decrease decrease to 51%? I have noticed several times that it is no more than 51 even though it is not described in your letter.

Yes that is the cap.

The new dream team: even though Killston not fully maxed yet


I’m approaching 4/80 with my Kingston and will give him emblems. What is the recommended path for him, priority to attack?

Weird thing, I never manage to have Boldtusk until very recently, so he’s still low level. Should I consider keeping some emblems for BT or is it “too late” for him? Boldtusk is currently not a priority in my roster.


I had a similar “problem”…I already had a BT+18 and was wondering if I should take the emblems from him as Kingston is always in my Def in both raids and war.

In the end I decided to leave BT with the emblems and gave Kingston only the remaining ones as I use BT often on my offense teams in 3/2 red stacks with Azlar and Marjana…

Edit…the difference would bring a BT+18 to a BT+0 and bring a Kingston+4 to a Kingston+9 if I calculated correctly!


I had this to say about emblems for Kingston, earlier in the tread.

@Soprano: It depends on what your playstyle is: do you want Kingston to have better survivability in order to fire, or do you want to increase his tile damage, so he’ll be more likely to severely injure and/or one-shot the target? General rule of thumb is attack > defense > health but you need to figure out what works for you and your priorities.

Also Boldtusk is a very valuable hero, and there are basically few other heroes that do what he does. The other options are Dapper Noble costumed Rigard, Gadeirus, and Ares as far as healers-who-also-buff-attack. The question is whether that’s useful to you. Some players like going in with multiple healers for a more durable team, some go all attack and hope they can kill the enemy defense before the enemy defense kills them.

But the math is you can fully ascend (+20) three 4* heroes for each, individual 5* hero. Do you use Kingston more than any other fighter class, especially a 4*? That’s what you need to figure out.

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