Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

Just replace Belith.

I would also swap Grimm with Li.

Oh! Sorry. Just saw this. Think I’m level 35, and I have about ten fully leveled 4*s. I did do it, and I used Hansel, Gretel, BT, Rigard, and Grimm.

I hope you got your third tabbard, too!

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So now that he’s been out for a while, what are peoples experiences facing him in defs? I haven’t personally found him an issue at all actually. Closing in on tonic #6 and have both King and Alby waiting… who should get the nod?

There are few things in life you can be certain of, and one of them is Alby

100% Alby, no turning back, no turning back


What is the earliest possible moment to pull kingston again in atlantis or other?

Next year around this moment I guess.

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TOOK me 5 minutes to scroll down! But i got him too…


We had a strange occurrence in my alliance. In the last 24 hours of Atlantis Rising, two members got a Kingston as a bonus with the AR tokens summons. Then in the last 2 hours I noticed I went over 100 AR tokens. I had already cashed in 500 tokens and didn’t get anything good, I had lost interest in Atlantis Summons, so went in with no expectations. I did the summons and out pops… BANE!!! I chuckled and said, “I knew it.”
Then the summons port kicked back on, the colors swirled to an emerald hue. I was Charlie Buckets and there was my Golden Ticket right in front of me… KINGSTON!!!
It was odd that 3 of us alliance members all got Kingston the same way… Although I’m the only one who embellished the story with bits of Willy Wonka. :rofl:


No speed leveling here. But I finally got him done today. :sunglasses::pirate_flag::sunglasses:


Just got him into final ascension. He patiently waits at 3/80 for food and feeders. I used him a couple of times, his special is fun! I likes. Can’t wait to max him out and then struggle to get him emblemed.


I have 2 maxed Lianna and 1 maxed Kingston right now, and i started to replace my 2nd Lianna with him in a usually 3-2 stack.

As far as i played, i don’t see something really different having him.
Maybe sometimes his attack reduction skill help me, but i notice the less punch he has compared to her. Maybe only the mana boost is the real difference.

So in your everyday raid… nope, not really thrilled.
He is a good card to add for a monochrome in tournament or green stack in wars, but you can pretty much do the same things you do with Lianna.

In defence, i do think he is better.
Fighter skill and 20% boost help him to be a better defender and eventually oneshot (or close enough) a hero.

Not saying he is a bad card, not at all.
Better then Lianna, but not extremely better.


For a long time Richard was my main defence tank who kept me reliably in diamond without interference. Times changed and my raid defence score started dropping to platinum but that was just in time for me to get and max Kunchen, who now does Richard’s job. But to cut it short, yes, I think Richard is definitely underrated.

3.70 perhaps?

Btw, I’ve got mine at 3.70 since I pulled him. I rushed only to realise I cannot level him because I don’t have a damascus blade (and I have 12 tomes).


ohh you can spend on the deal today and get a D blade!! Only an extremely large sum of money!!

No way man, I don’t even know if I have enough money for those cheap offers this Wednesday. I cannot afford much, especially on games… I will wait another month for Farholme, no rush. Good thing I have him. The next Farholme Pass which will spawn in the next 2-3 days is the one with tome and gloves. Unfortunately.

P.S. But of course, I hope to come sooner, at warchest next week, at elemental chest, etc :smile:


A lost in translation, or my bad? But he’s now at level 30 of 80. Getting him into that fourth level drained the food. I had 14 Tonics and 7 Damascus blades. And he is the only green five star I have ascended that high.

I am slowly leveling him to 3-70 on my main as I am missing a tonic or two. So it is gonna be a while before I get any of them. My alt #1 on the other hand, Kingston is being shelved for now as LJ is my priority rn. Also not to mention only got one stinking tonic and running low on shields although I got one off a 4 star titan defeat, I still got plenty of greens to level up.

I have 2 of Kingston and love this hero.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a moment with Kingston yesterday. His def down hits Marjana and I also had Wilbur activated. Marj shoots and… every hero in my team suffers a staggering damage of 30 points.


Just coming back here to say how awesome he is. I have him on second tier of emblems (Boldie gets to keep his). Even Alasie hits like a wet noodle if delicious Kingston goes off :wink:


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