Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

Did a 10 pull and all 3* dups except x1 vodnik

Used a challenge coin from doing epic stages and got … a 3* dup !!!

aaahh here we go I thought, RNG is going to RNG :stuck_out_tongue:

Managed to get another challenge coin together from doing Legendary stages for pull #12 and got yet another 3* dup … but lo and behold, out popped Kingston this time :slight_smile:

well happy that I got him, from re-running stages if I get any more coins will try further pulls as would love to try for Peters and/or Finley

gotta love RNG :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless I missed it. Kingston had been amazing for me on Titans. His attack lower ability just keeps weakening then. He’s great!!


I cant tell how much I’m in love with Kingston!! He is such a fantastic hero


Kingston, the closest hero to zeline.

We still don’t know when hes getting fixed?

As of right now, no, we haven’t been given any info, however I was informed that the bug was discovered about 3 months PRIOR to his release, so his fix should be coming out (hopefully) with the next version update, but I cannot confirm.

We have this information here as well as an explanation on why it is being somewhat delayed (not sure delayed is the right word, but we’ll go with it).


What a draw with 10 coins


Well I was thrilled until I saw the post with sargasso and Kingston. I thought Peters was great…lol. First event hero after 16 months. 3Rd coin pull Valen, berden and now him. No 5 but ill take it.


Peter’s isn’t a bad hero to have, he just got out classes by Merlin and Hansel (to a lesser extent, Gretel too). I’d be happy with him if you are a C2P or F2P gamer.


I just pulled Kingston and I’m pretty excited about him. He might end up replacing Lianna in some battles. I’m especially looking forward to the resist burn effect.

That said, I really don’t like the design. He looks like he can balance a knife on his finger but can’t hold balance himself. I just don’t trust a man with no butt.

Not sure if you were aware, but Kingston DOES NOT work as intended, due to a bug. Of course he will be fixed, but it should be noted in case you rely on his atk debuff.

Oh. Thank you for the info! Could you please tell me what the bug is? I’ve seen it mentioned in the few previous posts, but I don’t know where it was described

image image

Kiril isn’t Finley … but got a nice bonus!

Was saving the tonics for Tarlak (would’ve been my first ever maxed 5 star) … but I also have Miki and a maxed Wu. So I guess Kingston gets them.


@InnkeRaubenstern apparently he’s just a sniper. His atk debuff doesn’t work at all.

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Basically the attack debuff appears to just be visual and functionally gives far less attack debuff or none at all. Maybe it was coded wrong, so it only does a 4% debuff on the initial hit. The attack down is displayed properly, but the target’s slash attacks and specials are only doing slightly less than normal damage.

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I use Peters and Hansel on the same team. Peters can stop fully charged heroes from firing Hansel can’t. They both have their advantages.

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It’s a bug. They are going to fix it.

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Hansel does stop them as they lose mana when enemy is full nd life and if they reach full mana again while ailment is on they lose mana again and life.
The special such as Peters and miki only delays special from going off, enemy still has full mana


I did this for Grazul :rofl::joy:

No luck


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