Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

OMG!!! First try! Never done that before. With gems. Belith…then…Kingston! Havent recieved an HOTM for 4 months. I really cant believe it! Just had a feeling. Can’t wait to Level him.

Melendor at 4/68, then Kingston. :sunglasses:

Should I feed Gadierus to him??? I’m really not impressed with Gad’s special skills dmg. I’ve already got a few 4*s that have higher (by far) “%dmg to target and minor %dmg to ne” special skills.

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Wow only attempt using an epic token on my alt acc in epic summons and got Little John and Kingston. HURAAAA!


Finley of the new Pirates looked amazing when last seen in beta. Amazing as in grossly OP. I’m keeping my powder dry for the event.

Neith as next month’s Hotm looks very fine—the love-child of Guin and Drake.


I wonder if Finley will change between last beta and final release. I’m mostly interested in going for top 1000/500 in rare/epic… but I’ll probably do a ten pull, nothing crazy. I don’t have any of the 5* pirates and I want the new 3*

True just pirates and halloween have crap odds

Anyone cheap to play or free to play, i would save eht and challenge shards for those type of pulls. Spend gems in atlantis along with coins. Just bigger pool of good heroes than chasing between 1 and 4 in other portals

Neith I’m undecided on because somethin just tells me she wont be released in current state, idk why just a hunch i got when i looked at her card.

Purple gnome donkey rider looks very underwhelming

Finley yup looks solid and glad he got the minor change he did

Snake lady unsure until i can use her, weird different special. Love child of mn/alby and muggy it seems and quirks of her own too

Anyways yea i don’t disagree

And kingston still outweighs any of the those other heroes in my opinion. 2nd fast mana green 5* sniper in the game. Definitely one people will regret not getting more than the other heroes discussed


No way mann, Logoman! he is awrsome once maxed… his 612hp, his -48 attack, don’t you dare, LOL

Even after the nerf? On paper seems like they took him from god tier to just pretty good.

Kingston and Evelyn, what say you?

He’d go into my team with Evelyn +6, Anzogh +2, Drake Fong 4/80 and Fritha 4/67.

Moderator’s Note

I asked the Small Giant Staff when the Return to Morlovia Halloween event will start, and got back an answer:

The Halloween event starts on the 28th of October.

Please heed the usual reminder that this is tentative, and subject to change.

I’m posting this here for players who are considering the timing of their Summoning in October, and who have hopes for getting the October or November HOTM.


Thanks @Zephyr1. My search for Kingston will begin tomorrow, when Pirates opens. As things stand I will have up to 50 chances to pull Kingston. Lets see:

9th October - Pirates of Corellia - I will do one 10-pull with gems. So 10 chances at Kingston, and who knows what from Pirates.

If no Kingston, then …

24th October - Atlants Rises - I have 1700 Atlantis Coins saved - I will use them one by one. So up to 17 chances at Kingston, and who knows what from Atlantis.

If no Kingston, then …

28th October - Return to Morlovia Halloween Event - I have 23 Epic Hero Tokens saved - I will use them one by one. So up to 23 chances at Kingston, and who knows what from Morlovia.

If no Kingston, then :sob::sob::sob:

I have been planning this for a while :rofl:
Wish me luck!


Date changed from 21 to day 28?

That’s what the Small Giant Staff told me.

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Don’t forget the EHT gained from finished Pirates on Legendary and all the challenge coins you can collect over the coming days. so that’s AT LEAST 10 chances for Pirates Event. More likely to be at least 12.

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You have to rank in the Top 1000 to get EHT from the Challenge Event Legendary Tier now.

The completion rewards are Challenge Coins.

So it’ll be more chances on Pirates, perhaps, but not EHT to save for Halloween, unless someone ranks sufficiently high.


I believe in Steve
20 beliefs




The animation on his special is pretty cool …



Totally stoked just had to burn 2 pulls and got my man the king…wait what ? Ohhhh dear

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I don’t know where the dust settled about posting this stuff, but wow, definitely my best 10 pull ever…


Well, the first part of my cunning plan to get Kingston (A 10-pull in Pirates) failed :slightly_frowning_face:
The irony is it produced my second Lianna! Ironic because I have my first Lianna waiting at 3-70 for the tonics I have - only waiting until I see if Kingston comes along.
Oh well - onto Part 2 of the plan which is the 1700 Atlantis coins I have waiting for Atlantis Rises on 24th October ( although I might cave and do another 10-pull with gems on Pirates!)


I was saving tonics (15 now) for my entire path in this game. I was so exited when pulled Margaret but gosh, she is rubish. then Elkanen show up from 20 tc and he is also at 3.70 now. I was keeping tonics and today finaly got Kingston just for 300 diamonds. Wow, that was luck. got plenty of shields so he will go all the way up. Still hope to get one more from Morlovia for EHT.


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