Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

Totally stoked just had to burn 2 pulls and got my man the king…wait what ? Ohhhh dear

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I don’t know where the dust settled about posting this stuff, but wow, definitely my best 10 pull ever…


Well, the first part of my cunning plan to get Kingston (A 10-pull in Pirates) failed :slightly_frowning_face:
The irony is it produced my second Lianna! Ironic because I have my first Lianna waiting at 3-70 for the tonics I have - only waiting until I see if Kingston comes along.
Oh well - onto Part 2 of the plan which is the 1700 Atlantis coins I have waiting for Atlantis Rises on 24th October ( although I might cave and do another 10-pull with gems on Pirates!)


I was saving tonics (15 now) for my entire path in this game. I was so exited when pulled Margaret but gosh, she is rubish. then Elkanen show up from 20 tc and he is also at 3.70 now. I was keeping tonics and today finaly got Kingston just for 300 diamonds. Wow, that was luck. got plenty of shields so he will go all the way up. Still hope to get one more from Morlovia for EHT.


Do tell how much food it costs you to level him from 1/1 to 4/70.

I have about 3,100 feeders ready to be collected just to level up a 5* from Zero to Hero. Been seeing a lot of people having maxed HotM literally hours after release and I think 3000+ feeders is probably enough to do that.

Only problem is food. I have 71 TC 20 queued-up. This translates to 21 million food roughly.
Do you think this is enough to level Kingston from 1/1 to 4/70 with 3000 feeders and all the mats ready?


If I’m understanding @Gryphonknight 's math right, it would take about 1.25 million food if only feeding 1*. Don’t quote me on that though. So I’d wait a sec for him to chime in, but you can probably rocket Kingston to max pretty much immediately given your storage.

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From pirates this morning…

Not normally this lucky so I’ll take it and run!


71 x 247 k food = ‭‭17.537‬ m food

For Extra Low cost ( RT11 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) both are 50% 1* heroes and 50% 2* heroes.

If you use 50% 1* / 50% 2* heroes, all colors to level a 5* 1.1, you will need approximately 15.3 m food to reach 5* 4.80.

If you only use 1* heroes, you will need approximately 22 m food.
If you use only loot drop heroes, you will need ‭approximately 19.766 m food.

A wise man.


Click for notes

This are only estimates.

It depends what size batches you use, and RNG.

This are only estimates.

It depends what size batches you use, and RNG.


Seems logical that after playing the game you should be rewarded with that great ten pull :vulcan_salute:t3:

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Finally my long dry spell for the HOTM is over and I’ve got the Tonics :sunglasses:


Congrats! Jelly of your other 5*s

Went with my gut and did a 10x, was going to wait for Pirates, but glad it paid off.


Grats, now you can use your stash of AM’s to level him :P:P

Come and pull for me see if some of that Pirate luck rubs off heh

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Which ones? 20 jellys

I like Kingston but he should be a rogue. His weapons are literally the same as the rogue’s icon. Just a thought


That’s what I thought too… which would’ve been perfect… since my the only emblems I havent used are Rogue…

I guess first I need to get Kingston for it to be any of my concern though… lol.

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Nope. Give or take around 160 days worth of food.
70 days will get you to around tier 3.

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Exactly my thought too. He should be a rogue.

They made Kingston a fighter because they didn’t want people having all three of Athena, Delilah and Kingston all emblemed on the same def teams. Delilah’s minion can trigger both the secondary effects of both Athena and Kingston, so image a def where your heroes are constantly having their defense and attack stats at -51% until you were able to kill the heroes causing the problem? Then throw in Gravemaker as the Barbarian and Ursena or Thoth-Amun as the Sorcerer, not to mention Puss in Boots coming out for Grimforest… that would be a very minion heavy def with the potential to kill relatively quickly. I understand Grimble is coming out and there is Cap’n of Diamonds and Gobbler… but still. Does that defense sound pleasant to you? Because to me, that sounds like a potential nightmare.

If I ever get Puss in Boots, my defense would look like this:

Frida, Evelyn, Delilah, Puss, Thoth-Amun
Imagine the possibilities!


I think you mean :
Imagine the Pussibilities :joy:

Ok i’m out :rofl:


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