"Kingston is not new"

Trying to solve this mystery.

Two of my alliance members are adamant that Kingston is not a new HOTM and that they’ve seen him before lol.

Am I missing something here?

Could they be mistaking him for say Gregorian? Or are they secret beta agents?


Kingston is the costume for Athena.

Ok seriously: he is new. He has not been available so far at all.
They simply got it mixes up. Yes there are other heroes who reduce attack or deal damage but there never has been any hero with the increasing attack down (edit: decreasing attack down? His ability. You get what I mean) so far.


Definitely new. Remember the claims at Forum that we got no African 5 star heroes? Miki was first, Kingston is second. Ability might be similar as mentioned by @ProfLoki but Kingston was never in game before. If your friends are no beta testers, they might have seen one of the forbidden videos or pictures from Beta?


Miki is African?!

… from the renowned African tundra? :slight_smile:

… okay, I guess I could see him in alpine tundra, like by the Kilimanjaro …

… whoah! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I kinda thought Miki was more Athabaskan.


He just wandered off too far hunting and couldn’t find a way home :joy:


Language barrier. Don’t know if it political correct in english to say “black” or “Black scinned”. Remember that in the old thread they were talking about “African” but meant someone with dark skin.


I don’t understand why no one has suggested yet that they’re time travelers.

That seems like a way more plausible explanation than them just being confused. :face_with_monocle:


seems the only explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

@FrenziedEye please ask them about season 3 heroes :rofl::rofl:
dont let anyone tell you that he is an old hero, its true that in Atlantis we get old HoTM but only in atlnatis and they are old
also Kingstone is one of the few HoTM that his design was shared in SG facebook page few days prior to his release so it might be where they saw him


Miki’s art is just showing him in a parka from an east coast winter, going to get his girl a Pumpkin Spice Latte


It’s settled then @zephyr1 and @expired

They must be time travellers :blush::joy:


Kingston is new.
Miki, I am still confused whether ‘he’ or ‘she’.
Looks more like a ‘she’ to me…:thinking:

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They may have.

His artwork leak was reported on this forum but immediately scrubbed since leaked artwork should go to customer service not forum posts.

Kunchen, Ursena and Kingston have now appeared leaving 2 hero images left from the artwork leak.


“… from the renowned African tundra?”

             Totally read that in a Will Ferrell voice.

Black is an acceptable terminology in the United States, since it just refers to skin color not descent or geographic origin. Technically nobody in Empires is African because Africa as a continent doesn’t exist, as far as we know anyway.

“Black” is fine. N-word is NOT fine.


I suppose just as there are African-Americans there are also African-Inuit.

Maybe they thought Kingston was Miki without the parka.

Miki is totally a chap.

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Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

He is a young, fresh-faced, dark-skinned male 5* hero. Time traveling may or may not apply. :grin:

P.S. I’ve been in Beta for forever, and Kingston is new.


Please no time travel, another world and/or reincarnation. No, not anymore.
Isekai theme got banned from plenty of novel-writing competitions for a reason.

Honestly, I like reading various light novels (mostly chinese/korean), but this setting is so beyond a typical cliche, it hurts.

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