Kingston animation bug

Dear devs,
Kingston sometimes executes animation to the wrong enemy (started in v.39, continues in v.40).

Not a major issue, 'cause it’s only the animation, but it’s quite annoying.
Kindly ask for a fix :slight_smile:

UPD. There’s an idea that it’s caused by Monk’s or Cleric’s class abilities.
Animation targets the hero, which activated his class ability (just a theory).

Video: Новый тапок с Фростом ( ещё 4/40 пока) - YouTube


Hi, same for Dr. Moreau. Sometimes you hit an opponent, and the animation starts on another.

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My subscribers reported the same issue for Frida.
Looks like it affects many heroes. If not every.

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After each updates they bring bugs on purpose so they forceful wants us to update game…Its purely business

Why should they do that, a few days after every update you can’t enter the game without updating before. So no need for any bugs :crazy_face:
So that is pretty much the worst explanation I heard so far why bugs exist


Has anybody heard when and if this is goig to be fixed? It’s somewhat annoying.

@Petri , @KiraSG , any update here?
Didn’t see it in release notes for v41 Beta 2.

Was using Kingston on attack and noticed this for the first time no video or ss. Was in the 2 back 3 frount formation.
The left hero I targeted but animation hit middle hero by the looks of it :thinking: it looked odd, but damage was done to target hero.

I can also confirm this. My usual raid team has Elizabeth in it and when a Kingston in defense attacks, the animation doesn’t even show.

May I inform you that Kingston is often not hitting the target I choose in offense and subsequently the animation glitches. Could you arrange it please.

Developers will need more information. Can you record / screenshot it and describe it in more detail?

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