Kingston, Alby, or Yunan

I have the mats to level one: Yunan, Alberich, or Kingston. 5* currently maxed: Ares, Hel, Seshat, Vivica, Magni, Lianna, Frida, Margaret, Alasie, and Rana. Because of Rana, I’d set Yunan to the side, but like his Tank ability. I have a lot of snipers already so I’d probably take Alby, but I like Kingstons ability to resist fire. Thoughts?

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I’d go with Alby, personally. He adds both the most variety and the most impact to your roster.

I also love his artwork, though that’s neither here nor there.

But he can be useful for Offense, Defense, and Raid Tournaments (this one would have been perfect for him), so he’s likely to get plenty of use for you.


Kingston for titans, etc… To an awesome output of damage paired with lianna and caed.

Alberich for a very special character.

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You already have plenty of snipers maxed, so I’d leave Kingston for later; even though he really needs to hit 80 to hit full potential, your priorities should be elsewhere for the time being.

I don’t really see any top choices for tank, so that makes me think Yunan could do you well if maxed. However, I don’t value defense a whole lot, so maxing a hero solely for the tank position should only be considered if you’re also using green tanks in war. If not, then I’d put Yunan aside as well.

Alberich is an amazing hero, one of my favorites of all time. The resurrection can save your butt, but to me, that’s not even his best quality; that mana boost is no joke, and that’s what makes him extremely valuable on nearly any team. All of his skills would work the same at 3/70 as they do at 4/80, so you’d only be maxing him to add more survivability, but even still, he’s definitely worth it.

So my vote would be Alberich unless you’re really itching for a top tier tank for defense/war, then Yunan. Kingston is amazing too, and eventually he should be maxed, but I’d wait til next time.

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Offense > Defense.

Albi is still usable at 3/70 unless you really want to use him for defense.
Offense is more important so Kingston takes the cake.