King's Guard looking for more…

Alliance Name: King’s Guard
Alliance Leader: Zizzzzy

Cup Requirement: 2000
Titan Benchmark: 75k
War Benchmark: +100

Hello everybody,

Our Alliance has lost a few members lately and need to get the holes filled to get back up to 30/30. We currently have 4 spots available. The core of our membership have been together for over a year.

We are killing the easier 10* titans, however due to being short staffed we cannot push the higher 10* at this time. An ideal players can push around 75k on titans. It is expected that you use your flags regularly.

We are an Alliance that enjoys Wars, and I would like all members to participate. At this stage in the games life cycle I am looking for players who have a bench capable of fielding all 6 teams for Wars. We do have players with weaker benches and they are working on them, but it is important that you can make a meaningful contribution to our War efforts.

The alliance is currently open invite, look us up if you are interested. We have a Line group where we chat a lot and can share video or screenshots. You can reach out to me on Line if you wish further information; Line ID: zizzzzy

Thank you all