King’s Treasure $100 offer

I bumped this because I haven’t seen a $100 offer in a couple of months now.

I’ve bought one in the last couple of months similar.

I have just got this offer yesterday on my alt account… Dont have it on my main! Very annoying for me.

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Woah. I’ve never seen an offer like that. Most expensive I’ve ever seen was $99.99

so why wouldn’t this offer be made available to everyone?

Is that $139.99 in USD or something else? The offers I’ve seen in US currency at red all $99.99 but otherwise seemed to match.

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Sorry. Should have said. Its canadian dollars.

The 10k gems deal is also 139.99 CAD

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I would like to know that myself. No one in both of the alliances I am in have it either!!

Best I can tell this offer pops up in the first few months of playing … and possibly after starting to spend “real” money on the game.

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This account is nearly 2 years old…

The 2nd could be true… I recently spent a little on it as I am weak!!

I recently bought the 10k gem deal for 100$ for the first time.

This King’s treasure offer came up Abt 2 weeks after my purchase

Lol i see those kind of ites 2 times per month or even more - the reason why i didnt get ascending tems ?? who knows - what a coincidence…

I remember this offer a while back, it’s one of the targetted ones for new accounts that spent a bit (iirc).

It’s a bad offer though. Best thing in there is the big amount of gems, but you won’t have use for any of the ascension items for a while, those healing potions are overkill for the current progress of the player that sees the offer, and those silver tokens… need I comment?

Just a bad offer. You get more value from spending on VIP for a year, and it’s cheaper too.

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wow 2x Fine Gloves :heart_eyes:
I need those gloves

Okie dokie. I guess I haven’t met many players who had the willpower to stay cheap that long but did finally succumb and get the offer.

Most people I saw reporting it found it in their first 2-6 months. :rofl:

Edit: no judgement! Nothing wrong with the way you did it, you are just A kinda rare type in my gaming social circle.


I spend enough on my main account. If I spent on my alt too, I’d be filing for bankruptcy. And possibly divorce!

Just closing noting a duplicate here.

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