King’s Treasure $100 offer

Is anybody else seeing this offer? I’ve never seen one quite like it before; I’ve seen several at $20 or $30 that are scaled appropriately back, about once a month. And I think my alliance mates also see those. At least one person in my alliance isn’t seeing it right now…

Using ios and currently I do not see this offer. Probably bit later.

Not everyone sees the same offers at the same time…

That said… If you wonder why you see so few ascension items, now you know why.

My suspicion is that this is a reward for being a big spender (aka sucker) since I made an unprecedented (for me) purchase of the 10000💎 package during the fables event. Another member of my alliance who spends at that level more often has seen deals like this before.


Given my particular circumstances, I’m seriously considering further blowing out my budget.

Because gloves.

When you first start the game you are offered specials that slowly increase to that offer. Then you don’t see them anymore.

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Funny enough, I received a similar offer a few days ago. It was called “Ancient Treasure”, I think, and had 12500 gems, a telescope, a tonic, a cape, trap tools, 5 alliance flasks, 10 daily summon tokens, and a bunch of other low-level stuff that I can’t remember.

I did end up taking that offer, but I’m saving the gems for 10x pulls for the next two/three events. Buying in bulk and spreading it out over months helps balance the budget if you can avoid the temptation to sink all the gems at once. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting to see these. I am a generous funder of this game but didn’t get either offer. I would have bought the scopes/tonic one.


@lexinen, that was a social gem offer that they started offering to everybody about three months ago. The $100 offer is a one time starter offer.

It does seem to be something like that, but I’ve got an alliance mate who remembers offers like it “3 or 4 times but it has been a while” (correction; latest memory is twice, one after the first $100 purchase, and another)

Dunno if others got it multiple times. Dunno if it is triggered by your time in the game (exactly three months in my case), or spending history (a couple weeks after my first $100 purchase and first month spending over that), or is more random.

Pretty clearly it isn’t offered to everybody at the same time like most of the special offers seem to be.

Would have been right behind you in that line.

Did not see either offer, myself.

On behalf of all f2p and c2p players, thank you in advance for anyone who purchases these deals. You da real MVPs.


I remember someone once saying that you get that
$100 offer once in your lifetime here. I think I took it early on and never saw it again.

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Actually, I’ve been getting offers like this lately every month or so like clockwork. It could be that the game’s analytics are tracking my purchases, which have almost exclusively been from these types of random offers rather than the shop, and so maybe I get them more frequently since they’re appealing to my most frequent method of purchase.

The items they offer are always different (the $100 one they showed me last month featured a tabard, which I rejected since I have 9 already), but it’s always a better gem/dollar rate than what’s in the shop plus some items to sweeten the pot.


Meanwhile, I’ve taken out two 12-star rare titans and the max (12-14-star) titans available every day since the bigger boys rolled out and haven’t seen even a single four-star ascension item drop.

But it’s nice to see what it takes to win.

Huh, well, that’s interesting and good to know!

I see one of them at least every other week.

Still not going to buy them.


Where’s my offer, do I have to go F2P for a couple of months to get this?

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You’re really bumping an offer from more than a year ago?

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I haven’t seen in it in a long time and no one i know has either. Think it is now obsolete. SG tests offers all the time, some become regular showings, some never come back.

Is what it is. Hope this helps.

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