"King of the North", top 10 alliance, is waiting for you!

Come join our fun loving group. Want to war against the best and hit 12 star titans, then contact Julie-north on line. We have people around the global and have someone in chat at almost all times of the day.

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White Lotus has multiple spots available. Line ID oddbogeyman.


KOTN Peace Warriors has one spot open. We are roasting 11* and 12* titans, and fight AW’s to win.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking to fine tune your knowledge or one still working on the learning curve of this game, feel free to check us out.

Line ID: beezzerpw

We have spots open in 4 alliances in the North family
KOTN Peace Warriors 11-12* titans (1 spot) competitive alliance
Wolves of Winterfell 11-12* titans (1 spot) competitive alliance
White Lotus 8*-9* titans, casual/training alliance
Desculpa 8*-9* titans, casual alliance
Look up in thread for more info

Line ID’s for Alliance contacts:

KOTN: julia-north (Julia)

Desculpa: useful_idiot (Putter)

KOTN Peace Warriors: beezzerpw (Beezzer)

White Lotus: oddbogeyman (Oddbogeyman)
Wolves of Winterfell: dogdaze007 (DogDaze)

I have played with Wolf of Winterfell and it gave me the knowledge to get in King Of the North (Top 5). If you want to embrace a journey to the Top come to play with us!

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Two spots available in KOTN Peace Warriors. Looking to step up, or down, to 11*'s and 12*'s while being part of a competitive, family focused alliance? Check us out. Beezzerpw on Line.

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Two spots now open on KOTN Peace Warriors. Looking to be part of a strong family alliance? Check us out.

@Rook, @littleKAF @Garanwyn our family recruitment thread “ The King of the North Alliances recruiting” now mainly used by most of our Alliances have been closed down due to 30 days not active. Can it be reopened? If only allowed 1 I will prefer to have this one closed and the other one open

I just opened the thread below. I know that there is discussion on the automated closing of threads in this category. For now, I think we have a temporary fix but we’re looking at a long term fix. Hope this helps.


Thank you @littleKAF :blush::+1:


We have a few openings in our family alliances - Ravens of Winterfell (training alliance), KOTN Peace Warriors (competitive alliance).

We have a lot of experience and knowledge within the group but most important of all, we will ensure you have the support to grow to be the best player you can be.

Come be part of an amazing and supportive family, we would love to hear from you.

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We still have some spots open in Ravens and KOTN Peace Warriors.

Fun fact: Members in Ravens who show promise has a great chance of moving into Wolves of Winterfell (top 70-80 competitive sister alliance).

Come chat to us today to find out more.

We have a spot coming up in KotN. Reach out on Line: julia- north.
We will be looking at troop and emblem levels for defense as well as amount of maxed 5* heroes and roster potential. Most players joining are well above the min. requirements. Feel free to reach out if looking for a future spot.
Min. requirements:


I lost all chat history on my Line account today.
Please reach out again if applying for a spot in KoTN.
I am sorry for the inconvenience

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Come join a high performing, drama-free family of alliance. We have a place to suit any playstyles.

Come chat to us today.

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Knights of Winterfell is looking for active players. We streak 13* titans with the odd one or two 14*. Members in Knights can also grow and be promoted into our Top 20 Wolves of Winterfell alliance.

Come chat to us today to find out more, LINE ID: ronandex501

King of the North have 1-2 spots coming up in the near future. Please reach out on Line for more info:


@Julia are these still the Kotn requirements don’t think you guys are hitting 10* titans anymore :wink: ?

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There are currently 10 (Ten) alliances in the King of the North family, so I think those are the minimum requirements to get into the “Family” of alliances. Yeah, 10 is a lot, but it seems to be working against all odds simply because everyone has the same goals and works together well.

Currently, King of the North has been stringing 14* titans and so has Wolves of Winterfell. Those are the top two Alliances in the Family. Both of those Alliances have been streaking 14* titans for a very long time and both are participating in top 10 Alliance Wars. There are sister Alliances hitting smaller titans and even those Alliances have experienced players or Alt accounts of Top players in them to teach.

No it is not our current requirements @Guvnor :smiley: Requirements haven’t been updated here in a very long time. Thanks for noticing

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